View Full Version : Dumb question for Engravers Network...

Kev Williams
01-06-2016, 1:59 PM
on ebay:

250 gram bottle of LMM6000 is 128.95 + $13.61 to ship--

500 gram bottle of LMM6000 is $234.95 + $13.00 to ship--

1000 gram bottle is $499.95 + $13.61 to ship...

1000 grams via four 250g bottles will cost $570.24--

1000 grams via two 500g bottles will cost $495.90--

one 1000g bottle will cost $513.56...

Substantial discount going from a 250g bottle to a 500g bottle, but an up-charge from the 500g to the 1000g bottle?

I just ordered a 500g bottle, but I'd definitely buy a 1000g bottle if it was actually less than two 500's! :)

Mark Taylor2
01-06-2016, 9:14 PM
There's too many people that won't do the math. Especially on E-Bay. I've seen similar pricing for other items there also. The same with Amazon. Gotta' be careful out there.

Bert Kemp
01-07-2016, 7:04 PM
I always do the math, especially in the grocery store. More often then not I find you can get 2 smaller items for less then the same amount in a larger Item. One is milk out here, a half gal. is a $1.49 a gallon jug is $3.19 go figure , but I see everybody grabbing gal jugs.If you go thru 3 gal a week that's a lot over a years time to throw away.:rolleyes: