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Roy Sanders
01-03-2016, 11:35 AM
Hello Citizens

I have a new conundrum. I bought some Buna N rubber to make a gasket for my vacuum chamber. I wish to cut it to dimension with my laser. I read several sites that indicate this is doable up to 3/4".

Has anyone in this community had experience in actually cutting rubber with the Laser? I want to know if there are concerns, suggestions, etcetera.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts

Roy :confused::eek:

Joe Pelonio
01-03-2016, 4:00 PM
I have cut several different kinds of rubber up to 1/4" thick, and other than rough edges on some types, have not had any problems. Always check the MSDS before using a new material, however, and look for reactions to extreme heat, and toxic or corrosive fumes like you get from PVC. I looked up this material and it looks OK but I'm not a chemist.

Dave Sheldrake
01-03-2016, 5:41 PM
I use Buna - N to make sealing rings for the nuclear industry

Cuts well


Roy Sanders
01-04-2016, 9:05 AM
Thank you very much for your replies I will proceed. I too looked it up; I wanted experience to speak louder than internet. Theoretical versus experiential? I go with the latter most often