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Andrea Weissenseel
12-30-2015, 2:50 AM

hope everyone had enjoyable holidays :)

A while ago my computer automatically updated to Windows 10 now I also updated my Coreldraw X5 to X7 - which has a strange behaviour with my old files (also with new one though) My cutting lines are all closed curves and I combine my curves, because the laser driver handles the nesting or the order in which elements are cut. The combine function is the troublemaker - when objects are combined there is automatically a connection made between the end- and startnode of the next object which is not seen on screen but it cuts though the whole design and destroyes it :(

Has anyone else experienced this? I don't think it has to do with the printer driver, because when I cut the design with X5 everything is like it should be and the same driver is used there.

thanks for your ideas - cheers, Andrea

Bryan Spiegel
01-05-2016, 2:35 PM
Ive had similar issues with designs done up in X5 that just wont print (laser) right in X6. X7 was too buggy for me to want to work with. Combining the lines does not automatically join them, you have to move the node away and back for it to really make it into one line. Sounds liek the driver is doing similar to how the fill would be applied in this case, and not understanding that the travel inbetween is supposed to be laser off.

Corel sucks for printing. (Been using it daily since 2003)

David Somers
01-05-2016, 2:55 PM
Andrea, Sounds like you are a bit late for this fix, but will offer it anyway.
When a computer upgrades to Win10 you have 30 days to revert back before the change is permanent. Unless of course you had an image of the old setup you could use to restore from.
Unfortunately, if you have waited more than 30 days the change is now fixed.
And unfortunately, if you installed the higher version of Corel Suite AFTER the upgrade to Win10 then if you can revert to Win7 or whatever you had previously the upgrade of Corel does not revert to the previous version with it.

Another thought. I may be wrong, but I think Corel 5 will run under Win10. You still have rights to run Corel 5 so you could install it back on that machine and continue to use it, hopefully eliminating the problem if we dont have solutions for you.
Bryan's mention of having to move the nodes after combining is my experience with combine also. Though I dont understand Corel's logic for this behaviour.

(Hope you had a great Holiday as well! Good to see you post! Haven't seen you for a while!!!)

Mayo Pardo
01-07-2016, 4:38 PM
OK I don't have X7 but I'm wondering if this problem can be fixed by changing the settings in the join curves docker? Or wherever it is that you can specify the distance that curves should auto join?

Andrea Weissenseel
01-09-2016, 1:49 PM
thank you so far for your suggestions :)

@David - that's what I do at the moment, I print with X5 (it runs fine with WIN10)

@Bryan - all curves are closed. I don't believe it's a driver problem, because the same driver is used when I print it out with X5

@Mayo - I played around with that, didn't help

Corel Service suggested to uninstall Corel, delete all temporary files and reinstall Corel :D

Mayo Pardo
01-19-2016, 9:10 PM
Andrea did the Corel Service suggestion work?

I just recently got prompted to upgrade Corel X5 to X7 and seeing this issue I'm hesitant to fix what ain't broke!