View Full Version : Neander Oil Change

Jim Koepke
12-26-2015, 6:20 PM
Time for an oil change on the family car. Even larger cars seem to be a bit low to the ground compared to my younger days. Maybe it is my body reaching higher from the ground. Besides the driveway slopes a touch.

I have been using a couple of wedges made of 4X4 and 2X4 but thought something better was in order:


I put them behind the wheels and back up on them to give more room under the car:


4WD is handy when the ground is slippery.

Notice the grain on the 2X3. During my visits to the borgs I will often look at the wood selection for better than average pieces. These have been sitting on the shelf awhile, waiting for a project that needed some 'good'.

The ramps are 9" wide by about 30" long. This worked out pretty good with an 8' 2X3 with the leftover 6" piece set at the beginning of the ramp with the scrap from cutting the angles used for reinforcement. The 2X6 & 2X8 were also from the borg salvage cart. A practice that doesn't seem to be done much any more.

In total the two ramps cost me less than $20 out of pocket and some fun time in the shop.


Bill Houghton
12-26-2015, 7:36 PM
Nice. I took a similar approach with 4x4s on which I cut a slope. Two, side by side, are just right for each wheel.

Tom M King
12-26-2015, 8:42 PM
I've used store bought plastic ones for longer than I remember. I expect I did pay more than 20 bucks for them, but the price has long since been forgotten. I have to put my dually in 4x to get it up on four of them, even in the concrete floored shop. Otherwise, they just skid along the floor without the front tires pulling. For the Wife's WRX, I have to use a floor jack to get the front end up high enough to start with to drive the front wheels up on it, and too much trouble to also put the back wheels on them.