View Full Version : Magic of the Season

Jim Koepke
12-25-2015, 9:04 PM
A friend sent this to me. It is a tale of someone helping by thinking outside the box in a moment of need:

My mechanic tells me a story yesterday about something he saw that just blew him away and he's seen it all. Car with a dead battery in the rain. Driver can't get the old battery out easily, to drop the new replacement in, to get the car started. Friend has him stand back no, get into the car. Friend takes the new replacement battery, pulls the terminal covers off, flips the battery over upside down, and mates the terminals with the dead batter in the car and yells the driver to hit the ignition, and voila! it's the reallyquickie version of the jump start. The new battery was sealed so no acid leak.

Sometimes it is the small things that are the big miracle.