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Jay Steel
12-23-2015, 7:16 PM
Well here's my story. Several yearsago I purchased a Accuis Powersharp 16 - 30 watt laser. The project Ibought it for never got off the ground and the laser sat probablyover a six year period being used less than 8 hours total I wouldguess through the years.

Well recently I was engraving agranite memorial with the laser engraved fine. Shortly thereafter Iengraved perhaps four wine glasses which came out terrific. Then Iattempted to engrave another wine glass and for some reason the laserskipped and collided with the rotary fixture.

Well after that glass finished, messedup because of the skip and collision, all I get when I send over anyjob is that the laser carriage goes back and forth along the X axis.

Doesn’t matter what I send as a job,a line square, a circle, text, a vertical line or anything else, thecarriage just goes back and forth, back and forth, back and forthalong the X axis. Also the beam doesn’t fire and power, this backand forth motion doesn’t engrave or cut, it just blinks, but nocutting or engraving of the back and forth motion.

Where I bought the laser, you probablycan guess where, just tells me they no longer support the product,see you later.

So here’s what I did with no betterresults. I figured software, cable or computer issue. I loadedsoftware driver and new Corel installation on a known good differentcomputer onto a brand new factory sealed hard drive, with a new sixfoot parallel cable, and get the same result. Just back and forthalong the X axis, no cutting or engraving from the powered on laser.

So what do you think? Any suggestionsfor a fix?

Having used the machine so little, ifit is to much money to be thrown at it for a fix, I think I'll partit out. It has a Synrad FireStar tube, air assist compressor, blowervacuum, rotary fixture, a couple different focal length lenses, honeycomb table, you know.

So I'd appreciate any thoughts on afix or the value of the parts.

Thanks a lot..............JaySteel

Gary Hair
12-23-2015, 8:06 PM
Contact Kurt Koser at laserprona - or koser enterprises. He is very knowledgable on the entire GCC line and I'm sure he can help you whether you decide to fix it or part it out.