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Andrew Kertesz
12-23-2015, 7:34 AM
Long story short. I placed an order 12/4/15 for a Christmas gift for my son. After many delay notifications the last straw was yesterday when I received an email stating it would not arrive by the promised date; 12/22/15. So after a couple hours on the phone trying to get an upgrade it was a no go. Speaking to a supervisor we came to a less than favorable conclusion and I cancelled the order. I know calls are recorded so there is a record of the conversation.

In checking my email this morning I get a notification that the item has shipped and will be delivered today. Technically this order has been cancelled and I have replaced the item with a local purchase of better quality. I know morally I should return it, but am I legally obligated under these circumstances?

Your thoughts or experiences please....

Frederick Skelly
12-23-2015, 7:44 AM
If they they ship it after you cancel, they charge your card, you keep it, and you pay the bill - that's not theft. You paid for it.

I would say that if you cancelled it, somehow they don't charge you, and you keep it - that's theft. Theft is illegal. Will they enforce? No, it's probably not worth their time. That's where the "moral" answer plays in.

You didn't ask, but if it were me? I'd call and offer them the chance to have UPS come get their merchandise. They will probably tell me to keep it for my trouble, and my conscience would be clear. (We've had discussions here before about keeping things shipped to your house that you didn't order - I won't bridge over into that topic.)

Merry Christmas!

Andrew Kertesz
12-23-2015, 7:53 AM
I guess in reality that it is a moot point because I will return it as morally I just couldn't keep it... further investigation and discussion yesterday with someone more knowledgeable in the field (drones) said it was an inferior product for several different reasons.

Rich Riddle
12-23-2015, 9:30 AM
Refuse delivery. It will get back to them without all the hassle on your end.

Gerry Grzadzinski
12-23-2015, 9:33 AM
Amazon returns are very simple. Takes about two minutes, and they'll give you a return label to print.

Just log in, go to your order, and click return.

Bruce Wrenn
12-23-2015, 9:43 PM
Amazon isn't my favorite place. Several years back, I was looking for a Bostich 23 ga pinner. Amazon sent me not one, but two emails offering it to me at a GREAT price. Each time when I would get to checkout, price would rise to more than local Lowes. Emailed Amazon, and finally got someone on the phone at CUSTOMER NO SERVICE, who didn't speak English as a primary language. He acknowledged that Amazon had sent me emails, but they had NO INTENTIONS of selling it to me at that price. To say the least, I buy as little as possible from Amazon now

Ken Fitzgerald
12-23-2015, 10:42 PM
You don't even have to print a label. I made my first Amazon return 2 weeks ago. I selected "Have UPS pick it up" and UPS picked it up 2 days later, placed a label on it and returned it. 2 days following the pickup, my credit card was credited for the return.