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Don Selke
09-04-2005, 12:17 AM
Has anyone heard the fate of GleemPaint in Gulfport MS. I purchase all my HVLP spray gun parts from them?:confused:
Sure hope they made it thru the storm, they are great people to do business with.

John Hemenway
09-08-2005, 12:15 PM
Their website says they respond to email but phones are down. I ordered from them yesterday (the 7th) and did get an automated email response. They also say they started shipping again on the 6th.

John Hemenway
09-08-2005, 1:23 PM
More from Gleem in the latest email:

Hello John Hemenway,

This is email is to inform you that your order xxxxx is being shipped directly from Wagner/SprayTech in Minneapolis. Wagner is graciously helping us out with shipping order as we are still recovering from the hurricane Katrina. (Store has only minor damage, but we have no power nor is UPS/FedEx running)

You will not automatically receive a tracking number on this shipment. Your tracking number on the email will simple say "Drop Ship". However if you require one, email us and we can obtain one for you in a couple of days.

We appreciate your patience during this time period.

Your business is much appreciated as it will help to ensure jobs for our employees, and revenue to help with relief efforts in our Gulfport, MS community.

You will receive a second confirmation from our system today on the order.

ph# 228.863.3942 M-F 8am-5pm Central Time Zone
Phone note: Our phones lines are still not working. Email is the best way to contact us for now.

Jim Becker
09-08-2005, 2:12 PM
Nathan's a good guy...I'm glad to hear he is safe.

Don Selke
09-11-2005, 12:35 AM
Thanks a lot guys, I am sure glad that Nathan is OK down there. They are a great bunch of people to do business with. No matter how small the order, they treat you like a human being.

Thanks for all the responses.

Jim Becker
09-11-2005, 1:02 AM
I had email correspondence late on Thursday with Nathan and aside from the logistics nightmares, he's getting back on track.