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Vaughn McMillan
09-03-2005, 4:24 PM
For much of the past week, I've been watching the events unfold on the Gulf Coast, and have wanted to help, but didn't quite know how. Right now cash is a little tight, so my solution was to donate something I do have...a cutting board waiting to be sold (http://cgi.ebay.com/Figured-Maple-Cutting-Board-Exotic-Hardwood-Accents_W0QQitemZ4403414012QQcategoryZ46282QQssPag eNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem).

I know that eBay is spoken of in hushed tones around here, but it seemed the logical choice, since they have the mechanisms set up to assure buyers that their money will go to the intended charity.

The cutting board I'm selling was made a while back from some leftover short pieces, so my cash outlay was very minimal. I'm sure some of you have already donated time, money, or other things to help, but urge any of my fellow Creekers to look around their shops and see if maybe there's something laying around that could perhaps be donated in a similar manner.

- Vaughn

Carole Valentine
09-03-2005, 8:22 PM
With all proceeds to go to the relief effort of your choice. Apparently I cannot post the link to the "other" forum, but if any of you want to go over and bid or offer an item for auCtioning and don't know where I am talking about, email/pm me. As of a few minutes ago, we have raised $1700 and it is getting bigger all the time. We can make a difference.

john whittaker
09-04-2005, 1:24 AM
Vaughn....Nice thing you are doing, and a very descriptive sales pitch. "chatoyant" Whew, you really are a word cop.:D
It was estimated that 25% of Americans contributed to the tsunami relief effort. I expect the Gulf situation will bring an even greater amount of generosity. Nice work and a great idea.