View Full Version : Chengdu Laser Tube

daniel coyle
12-09-2015, 1:52 AM
Anyone heard of this brand of Chinese tube before? I am in the process of buying a machine from Sinjoe laser and they told me their recent shipment of EFR tubes was mishandled and all broke. They said they have Chengdu tubes they can replace the EFR with and that these tubes have the same lifespan, warranty and better optics.

Dave Sheldrake
12-09-2015, 6:15 AM
Yup, :) rare to be used as they are normally really expensive (more than EFR), from memory (you will have to check with Felix) they use them more in their industrial machines

daniel coyle
12-09-2015, 10:31 AM
Thanks Dave. Sounds like these are higher quality than the EFR so I will take them