View Full Version : Gweike LG500 power supply

Chris S Martin
12-04-2015, 9:45 PM
I do believe that my power supply has went out in my Gweike LG500 110v 60 watt. Laser. When I took out the power supply the only thing on the supply is 110v. I contacted the company in China and ask them the specs. The only thing they told me is $260.00 for a new one. Contacted Full Spectrum Laser were I bought it and had to send pics. of supply. and no answer back yet. Can anyone help need a supply fast. Does anyone know what kind or spec of laser supply I need. Thanks and cant afford alot. $260.00 wasn't to bad.

Bill George
12-04-2015, 9:56 PM
Try Ray Scott at Rabbit Laser USA if you Need one today.

Chris S Martin
12-04-2015, 10:04 PM
Thanks Bill I did but his supplies are $400.00 I bought my last tube from him. He is very good to deal with.

Bert Kemp
12-04-2015, 10:57 PM
yea and 260 from china + shipping and a 3 week wait I think 4oo is a bargin

Jerome Stanek
12-05-2015, 7:12 AM
Try Automation Technologies they are a sponsor here and have it for $219 plus shipping

Bill George
12-05-2015, 10:04 AM
Try Automation Technologies they are a sponsor here and have it for $219 plus shipping

Well you said you needed it ASAP, and I am sure Ray has them in stock. Automation Technology is a good place to buy or I have used LightObject both should have in stock. By the time you order from China and figure in shipping the busy Christmas season will be long gone. How much money can you afford to lose?

Jerome Stanek
12-05-2015, 12:05 PM
When my control board went out on my LG500 John from Automation sent one out the same day and I was up and running the next day.

Dave Sheldrake
12-05-2015, 2:38 PM
Blimey....compare those to the trade prices of EFR Intelli supplies and I'm in the wrong business !

Chris S Martin
12-14-2015, 10:37 PM
Thanks to everyone's reply. I should of logged back on sooner. Did not see Automaiton Tech info. I decided to go with RabbitLaser USA and not regretting it a bit. Ray, Carole and Staff are amazing. I ordered it Friday around 4pm and it was on my door step when I arrived home from work on Monday at 3pm. The new power supply was a little different but they walked me through it and it works great. I ordered a tube from them about 2 years ago and I will be a return customer for a long time.