View Full Version : So, who can tell me about this Electrox?

Kev Williams
12-02-2015, 8:35 PM

--2006 Electrox Scriba 2 Duo, has cylinder attachment, 18" Z depth, 90 watt Yag...

Going up for auction tomorrow... :)

Gary Hair
12-02-2015, 10:19 PM
I can tell you two things:
1 - You don't have room for it.
2 - They have a lot of great stuff going up for auction and I wish I had a million bucks to snatch up a bunch of it...

matthew knott
12-03-2015, 8:45 PM
I can tell anything you want to know about that machine, it's a duo, meaning it had 2 Galvo heads, you could either mark 2 duplicates at the same time with 50% power to each head or swap between the 2 with different images, it was designed originally to mark computer keyboards in one go. That one was one of the last, a good spec as it has an xy table and a rotary, they are no longer supported at all and pretty outdated , but still loads are running! I wouldn't buy it unless it was silly cheap, like under $2k , but I don't want one so...!

Kev Williams
12-03-2015, 9:48 PM
One of my customers alerted me to this machine. He builds high-end microphones, and I engrave the stainless bodies. One of his mic models he's had a guy laser engrave with an identical machine, and I have a bunch of them to do now. He loves the high detail the laser produces.

Me, I'm engraving them with my 20 year old NH 3400 cylinder machine, the lower case letters measure .035" tall, but it does a great job. Worst part is I can only do 2 parts per tool, then I have to resharpen.

He thought maybe I'd be interested in checking it out and possibly buying it if could've been had cheap as he's been after me to get a fiber or yag. The reason I have them to engrave now and not the laser guy is simple economics, I'm cheaper. I WOULD love to laser them though! :)