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Steve Clardy
06-09-2003, 5:05 PM
Ok computer gerus. I have a HP photo software that I made some photo albums of my new table saw fence so I can post them without posting 5 different pics. How I have been trying to change the .ALB , so I can post them, to a .jpeg image, is to save to desktop, open with notepad, save as album.jpeg. When I open it, no pictures. There is a little square with a x in it. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do to change the format? Steve:rolleyes:

Dave Arbuckle
06-09-2003, 5:38 PM
It sounds like you've made some sort of proprietary "album" with 5 pictures in it. JPEG photo format doesn't support multiple images. I think the answer is, "you can't get there from here".

Photo editing software should be able to make one large image out of five separate ones. This is kind of a cure worse than the disease, though. Someone on a slow connection (like me at home) will have to wait for the entire piece to load instead of at least being able to look at the first one while the rest load.

HTML img src commands are relatively inexpensive to a browser, one large image in place of five small ones isn't really any improvement.

(hoping that made sense in English... ;))

Steve Clardy
06-09-2003, 7:48 PM
Didn't really want to hear that, but----- if it will not work, I'll try something else. Actually had 2 albums, 1 with 3 pics, the other with 2 pics, trying to keep the 100 kb posting minimum, and mainly to keep from having to post 5 times for the same message. Thought it would save me some time, but has actually ate up a lot of time and haven't posted anything about my new fence.
Thanks for the info.
Hmm, wonder if the .zip will work? Steve

Dave Arbuckle
06-10-2003, 2:00 PM
wonder if the .zip will work?

Not for posting. Actually, JPEG pictures can have as good or better compression than a Zip anyway. That's the beauty of JPEG, it is a compressed picture format.

Depending on size and detail, getting 5 pictures into 100K should be possible. Check your photo editing software for how to adjust the compression percentage. Often they default to no compression. Try different amounts of compression to see the effect on image quality.

An important warning: Keep an original uncompressed copy when doing these experiments. JPEG compression is not undoable.


Steve Clardy
06-10-2003, 2:48 PM
last night before you got back here. Correct in the zip not working. As for saving an original before playing with compression and changing format's? I done screwed that too. Yea, deleted the originals after I made albums out of them then couldn't post them. ha. Just have to retake the pics again.
What I did originally was to use thumbnails program to cut the pic size down so I could keep the albums around 100k in size. That worked ok.
But-----I think I am learning! Ha.
Thanks Dave. Steve