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Junior hall
11-15-2015, 6:44 PM
I have seen people talking about photo grav before on here. From what i have watched on YouTube and read on the site of PhotGrav i think it might be better for me to purchase photo grav at the link provided here http://www.photograv.com/aspnet2/PGOrder.aspx The cost is $395

It all looks better that Engravelab As with PhotGrav it looks like i can do more with PhotoGrav than Engravelab . Like to see what others opinion are I know Corel draw and all those others are great but with me i am technology not good with


Tony Lenkic
11-15-2015, 7:35 PM

You can download 30 day free trial of "1 Touch Photo" from ULSINC.
Don't know of hand how it compares price-wise with Photograv but it should be close enough for consideration.

Junior hall
11-15-2015, 7:44 PM
Thanks Tony lenkic. I will take a look at it. I see both Touch Photo and Photo Grav has a free 30 day trial period. The one thing i like about Photo Grav is i can actually see what it looks like prior to being engraved. I will check out Touch Photo also

Chris J Anderson
11-16-2015, 2:42 AM
Hi Junior,

I use 1 Touch Photo, its really simple to use, and it does the work for you for different materials.

You MUST NOT change the size of the image after you have processed it in 1 Touch.

You can resize the image in 1 Touch as soon as you import it.

1- Open the image in the 1 Touch program.
2- Resize it to suit your requirement.
3- Select the output type, e.g.: Acrylic, Wood, Stainless Marking etc.
4- Process the image in 1 Touch.
5- Save the image.
6- Import it into Corel.
7- Engrave and enjoy.

Junior hall
11-16-2015, 5:25 AM
When you use 1 Touch Photo do i also need Corel Draw also.

Also same with Photo Grav do i need Corel Draw also. I am trying to limit multiple programs that i have to have and to use.

The reason i am interested in Photo Grav is due to talking to a tech support at Boss Laser he used Photo Grav to do a picture that would not work right look good using engravelab. He said he used Photo Grav to make it look good. I am guessing he also vectorized it also in Photo Grav as well.

Can you vector a picture or any thing in Photo Grav also 1 Touch Photo.

I am wanting some thing that i do not need a lot of other programs to use. Engravelab worked for me good until i had a picture of a car that did not look good using engravelab.

I noticed 1 Touch Photo does not have a price and have to call to request a price for 1 Touch Photo.

Chris J Anderson
11-16-2015, 7:58 AM
If your program that sends the file to the laser can import a bitmap, and then you can send it to the laser, then I would assume you can use either of those programs, and would not need corel.

Best way for you now is to ask no more questions - just download the trial, and go through the process to see how it all works.

Roy Sanders
11-16-2015, 8:07 AM
I used 1 Touch then I bought 1 touch. I paid $289 for it. you send them an email. They call you and then you can purchase over the phone or by email. They will invoice you for email.
did this help?

PS. There is nothing different between the 30 day or the license and the Lic gives you two seats.


Junior hall
11-23-2015, 5:08 PM
I have several questions. I have Engravelab 9 I understand it it does some of what i am wanting. One time i had a picture and would not look right using Engravelab so BossLaser used PhotoGrav and it looked a ton better of the picture i wanted to laser engrave.

I can vectorize in EngaveLab but not in PhotoGrav, What I am not understanding.

If i get a picture off the internet or some one sends me a photo or a regular picture of some thing. I know i will have to vectorize the picture before i send it to my laser machine to be lasered engraved. This i know

What i am not understanding is this. I know PhotoGrav does not vectorize things. So do i use my Engravelab to vectorize things then send it over to photograv to be finished if need be. Then send it back to engravelab to be lasered engraved.

I am wanting to learn how to do photos of people and also other things that does not look good in engraveleab...

Hope i said this right. I do not want a ton of other programs such as Corel Draw, Paint and on and on and on and on that i have to learn. I want one thing and be done with it. Probably wont never happen a one stop shop for all my needs.

Brian Leavitt
11-23-2015, 5:30 PM
You do not need to vectorize a photo before engraving, Junior. You just import the bitmap and run it as a bitmap. The thing is, when processing with Photograv, you match the settings for processing to what you are using to run the file, if that makes sense.

Junior hall
11-23-2015, 5:41 PM
Oh wow so with photograv i just get the picture / photo and send it to my laser if i am using photograv. I am happier now and now i understand mnore now as i was so confused with photograv.... Yes it makes sense by matching the settings for processing with the material i am wanting to laser.

To the person that is wanting to sell me there photograv as promised will be buying it on the 3rd of December.

Engravelab does good until i have some thing that just isn't looking good with using Engravelab

Thanks Brian Leavitt

Roy Sanders
11-24-2015, 7:52 AM
one touch photo converter is a nice software for converting photos to engrave on different substrates. it was 289.

Junior hall
11-24-2015, 3:56 PM
Thanks Roy Sanders I will again look at it also again Thanks