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Roy Sanders
11-11-2015, 7:49 AM
Hi Engraver Veterans


I was not able to serve due to a neuromuscular disease. I am in the Vietnam generation and truly hope that had I been able to, I would have had the courage to serve. Many of my friends didn't have choice, they were drafted.

My son, chose to serve during this latest set of wars. He joined and was recruited into the US ARMY RANGERS 3/75th BAT in Fort Benning GA. He deployed 6 times in 5 1/2 years.

To all of you and your sons and daughters who served, thank you. If you wonder what the PTSI and the veteran suicide rate (22 per day currently) watch this film then share it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuvNOAutrBc&feature=youtu.be


Raphael Weil
11-11-2015, 9:29 AM
thumbs up!

Paul Phillips
11-11-2015, 11:43 AM
Another thank you!
In remembrance of Richard Phillips: My dad was a humble hard working man that was a good father and grandpa to many, he was a WW2 veteran, served as a radio operator on a Destroyer escort in the Pacific, was at Okinawa and his ship was hit by a Kamikaze plane and shot down 2 others, his ship also rescued survivors from the Indianapolis that was torpedoed, he was always a hero in my eyes and so is everyone who has ever served to help preserve our freedom. May God Bless you all.

Bert Kemp
11-11-2015, 12:02 PM
Sorry I watched 5 min of vid and I thinks its totally inappropriate and you should take it off. I don't think any vet wants to watch that I sure as hell don't..!


My Fav Veterean

Roy Sanders
11-11-2015, 11:21 PM
Thank you Bert, one of the freedoms my son and you and others fought for is that of the freedom to speak your peace. My son wrote and directed that film and it was screened at Westpoint yesterday. And as a matter of fact all of the persons save one on the film are former US ARMY Rangers. I understand that for whatever reason you couldn't tolerate the rest in order to see the ending. The water boarding was actual and according to military protocol and it was not manipulated Josh went through 22 takes of actual water boarding technique. the whole crew had to go through debriefing.

Bert for the offense to you I do regret and apologize. I did not attempt to insult, nor do I apologize because i think I did something wrong. I apologize because you were offended.

Thank you for your service and all that you did to serve our Country. Thank you for speaking your thoughts.

This issue is done. Veterans Day is every day; one day out of the year is for saying special thanks

most sincerely,


Rich Harman
11-12-2015, 12:35 AM
Sorry I watched 5 min of vid and I thinks its totally inappropriate and you should take it off. I don't think any vet wants to watch that I sure as hell don't..!

I would agree with you if I had not known what the film was about before viewing it. If you just clicked the link thinking you were going to see an uplifting patriotic video then it is understandably off-putting.

It is well worth watching.

Bert Kemp
11-12-2015, 11:27 AM
Thanks Roy for your reply. I'm sorry I could only watch 5 mins and had to shut it off. Maybe sometime I can watch it all I don't know. Maybe I judged to quickly, others have watched it and seem to think its ok , so I'll leave it at that for now.