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stan kern
11-13-2015, 3:01 PM
On a trip i came across a wooden horse that i would like to tie up to my shop gate
But i really don't know how to go about it ,so i started with a model and i will go from there

https://youtu.be/gouGlNAwAtU wooden horse part1

Bruce Page
11-13-2015, 5:59 PM
Pretty cool Stan, I've been wondering where you have been. Looking forward to part 2.

stan kern
11-13-2015, 7:09 PM
I'm still around burning away but it was nothing too interesting,this is

Mayo Pardo
11-15-2015, 3:38 AM
There used to be a company producing wooden kits of all sorts of things including dinosaurs and insects and various animals. They have since dropped their toy line but they were known as Action Products International.
The kits were made in China and sold in museums, kids educational stores, and online.

Within the kits they include a printed sheet of the parts.
It would be easy to scan and trace one of those sheets and produce something from plywood for personal use.
You would just need to enlarge it to suit your material thickness.
This may be a lot less involved than getting and converting a 3D file to a 2D file.
Similar kits can still be bought online or at local hobby/craft shops or the big W mart for about $5.00 depending on the kit.

Back in 2001 I made a wolf kit out of plywood and it was VERY heavy when assembled.
It did freak out the dog when she saw it in the yard though!

stan kern
11-15-2015, 9:46 AM
ok , thanks wolf sounds interesting

stan kern
11-22-2015, 9:47 PM
this is the next part https://youtu.be/Smmd_DIyPXc