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Andrew Michalewicz
11-13-2015, 1:02 PM
Hi everyone,

I have seen certain threads in this forum that have been focused on ADA Braille being done on the laser machine. My Current job has an engraver that is busted, and I guarantee my boss will not spend the money to 1. Get it fixed correctly or 2. Buy a new machine. ( He has haphazardly tried himself and I am sure that machine is fubar right now) This being said we still get ADA orders and have to deny them until he opens his wallet or its magically fixed. I am a graphic designer who learned the laser and engraver with a crash course lasting a few hours. Therefore, I am not capable of fixing it myself.

I have noticed threads where some people have talked about using a laser to cut the Braille Dots and have been successful. For ADA signs I have the Accent Signage Raster Ball system to place the dots, but I am having trouble getting them to stick correctly. I also have the Braille and Braille Normal font in Corel draw to laser out the dots. For previous ADA Signage we have been using 1/16" Rowmark ADA Alternative Substrate & 1/32" Applique. The laser is a Universal Laser with 110 VAC, 50/60HZ, 10A.

So long story short (Too Late, I know) Can anyone give me help with getting these raster balls to stick? What Power/Speed/PPI should I use? Am I using the wrong material for the substrate? Or is this utterly hopeless and should I tell my boss to open up his check book? Thanks for reading this I have been browsing this forum for a while for help and it seems there are some knowledgeable people here. Hope you can help!

Paul Phillips
11-13-2015, 1:27 PM
Hi Andrew, So if I understand correctly, you have a rotary engraver that's broken but a laser engraver that's working? Since you are using the Accent Signage Raster method it is only intended for use with a rotary engraver to drill the holes to the precise diameter for the rasters to fit, if you are using the laser to "drill" the holes it may never work quite right, the rasters are designed to be pressure fit, but if that's all you have to work with then maybe lot's of trial and error of testing hole sizes until you find the right combination of depth and diameter may work, you can always glue them in individually by hand but that's never going to work for larger jobs. ULS does have a method for doing it using their HPDFO lens with Rowmark ADA material, if you happen to have one look on their website and they should have a walk through on how to do it, or contact support and they can help.

Keith Outten
11-13-2015, 6:17 PM

You need to engrave 0.059" diamiter holes to get a friction fit with 0.062" diameter braille spheres. If your laser engraver is a very accurate machine it can be done via trail and error to get the hole diameter correct as well as the depth which should be as close to 0.031" as possible.

You can purchase a drill bit designed to provide a 0.059" diameter hole and use it to clean out the hole or to provide the necessary fit when your laser leaves an undersize hole. I laser engrave ADA signs for commercial buildings and have been using this technique for ten years.

Ross Moshinsky
11-14-2015, 10:41 AM
Method 1: Buy 1/32" ADA material. Vector cut braille holes. Cut box around braille holes giving you a little strip to apply. Apply it to your sign. Then stick your braille balls in the holes. Not my work but it will look something like this: http://www.tactilesignage.com/permanent/elevator.jpg

Method 2: Raster holes as Keith has described.

Both of these methods require trial and error to get right.