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Lawrence Richards
11-05-2015, 1:29 PM
Hello All,

I've been a fairly active woodworker the last 10 years or so and that work included several (eventful) years working with a Carvewright. A portfolio of my hobby level work is here


I am fairly familiar with vector work as well as raster design using inkscape, corel draw etc and as a previous user of the Carvewright, I'm good at stretching limits of machinery and software. (though we have gone down different paths, I enjoyed my Carvewright very much over the 4 years or so I used it)

At any rate, I'm starting a gifts and memorabilia business and will be purchasing a small laser to use to do work on some of my wood/corian/glass items I will be selling. My requirements are

small-medium size - 12 x 20 is adequate, though pass through or removable bottom would be nice for small engravings on larger items
able to engrave glass - I do some etching/sandblasting of glass already, but would like to add etching, especially when it comes to lettering on glass items
rotary ability - I definitely will be doing multiple line laser work on pens I turn, but also it would be nice to do bottles etc (again, I already blast, but want to add lettering ability which is significantly more time consuming and finicky)

Price is of course an issue, but I would love to hear your opinions of lasers at various price points... I'd like to spend somewhere between $4000 and $10000

I have a dedicated workshop with opportunity for external ventilation and adequate power.

I like buying US made items but understand it is difficult at this price point- I plan on a second, more capable (and expensive) machine purchase in the next couple of years.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations of lasers which you think might meet my initial requirements,

Bill George
11-05-2015, 1:49 PM
I picked up a rebuilt older 50 watt ULS laser this spring. Some people would say I paid to much, could have purchased a Chinese laser and shipped to my door for that price, but I am very happy with it and the dealer who sold it. I do not know where your at, but members sometimes list used machines here. You want at least 40 to 60 watts. For a import from China, Ray Scott at Rabbit Laser USA is located in Ohio and has good aftermarket support.

Bert Kemp
11-05-2015, 2:07 PM
I would Agree with Bill if you can find a good used epilog or UVL for a decent price go for it. if your in the USA Ray Scott at Rabbit Laser USA has a good rep and his imported machines are well made. If your going to import from China Rabbit is good. Boss Laser In FL has a pretty good rep.