View Full Version : Fabrication and Shop Techniques Touch-up HSS Cutters - What to Use?

glenn bradley
10-31-2015, 12:10 PM
I guess you have to select a "Prefix" since my first submission has gone missing.

I use diamond paddles, a small stone cone and needle files to sharpen HCS Forstner bits. The stone and diamond paddles work OK for my HSS Forstner and sawtooth bits but, I need something to handle the saw-tooth and smaller flat areas. My current needle files slide right off. I bought some EZ-Lap diamond needle files but, the HSS rubbed the diamonds right off the substrate. I have had similar problems with Trend's diamond products. My DMT diamond products work very well but, they do not offer a needle file like product.

My question; Does anyone have a recommendation for a needle file-like product that will cut HSS? As mentioned, my problem area is the small sawtooth faces and such.

jack forsberg
10-31-2015, 12:20 PM
i just shape the pink stone for the die grinder. Cheap diamond needle files can be had at your big box store of Chinese goodness.

Terry Beadle
10-31-2015, 1:57 PM
You might want to look into using a dremel type disk. They come in a variety of abrasives including diamond. I think you'll have better luck with an abrasive that is for HSS
and not diamond grit.

On my forstner bits, I used those CMT paddles and they worked fine. I did not use them on the little teeth which are only on the bigger bits in my set of Forstner bits.