View Full Version : Tip O' the Day, from the village idiot.

Rick Potter
02-18-2003, 2:19 AM
I seem to do a lot of shelves, etc that use wooden buttons to cover the holes for screws. Finishing these buttons has always been a hassle for me.

Now, I suppose everyone has an easy way to do it, but I have never seen one in the tips section of magazines........so........here is my tip.

Simply drill holes for them in a scrap of wood, push them in just tight enough to hold, and stain and finish them easily. No more trying to hold them individually, or rolling them around on the bench. A couple swipes with a stain rag, or brush and they are done.

I think I will submit it to Woodsmith. Maybe I can win a new router or something.

Rick Potter

Keith Outten
02-18-2003, 6:37 AM
Here's my method,

Take about two hundred buttons or bungs
Put them in a kitchen strainer of piece of scrap screen wire
Dip them in the can of stain
Hold them over the trash can and blow em dry with an air compressor.
Less than one minute and they're ready to go, assuming you need lots of buttons of course.

John Miliunas
02-18-2003, 8:38 AM
Both good suggestions OR, it's a good way to keep your 12-year old occupied for a while and let her/him feel good about helping out with a project.:D