View Full Version : Honing Planer/Jointer Knives

Todd Burch
06-09-2003, 10:49 AM
Both sets of knives were dull last Friday afternoon. I have a spare set for the 8" jointer, but none for the 12" planer. Turnaround time for sharpening planer knives is about 2-4 days, which I was dreading having to wait for so long.

So, Saturday I bit the bullet and started replacing the jointer knives. I took one out and started to open up my second sharpened spare set, and I realized that while the knive was somewhat dull, it really didn't need to be reground at all, just honed a little bit.

I grabbed the closest scrap of fine wetordry sandpaper and had at it. After a few seconds (literally), the knive would shave my fingernail. Good enough for me! I did the other blades, and tested with a piece of scrap wood. Just like new!

I thought to myself, "Self, that should work for the planer too" I didn't want to take the knives out, so I found my small ceramic stone. (I would have used my diamond hones, but couldn't find them). Anyway, after about 90 seconds or sweeping side-to-side on the knives, I had the planer cutting wavy grain walnut with no chip-out, and the planer knives were much duller than the jointer knives to start with. (Wood had just started to "bounce" on the jointer).

So, be lazy like me and hone those puppies in place. It would probably work with disposable knives too, although I haven't tried it.

You live, you learn. Todd.