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vic meek
10-05-2015, 4:54 PM
I bought a Chinese laser on ebay and have had the worst problems getting any support for it.
If you want details it on another forum
What I need is the software for the laser.
I was sent laserdrw and corellaser both written in Chinese and of no use to me.
If anyone has a laser like this one please give me a helping hand to get it running.
I tried going to the sellers but they are on a chinese holiday for 8 days
I tried to upload pictures but it failed
The laser is a XB-4060

Scott Shepherd
10-05-2015, 7:40 PM
Hi Vic, I posted the photos of the machine here so it's not linking to their website and people can just look at this thread and see the one you have.


David Somers
10-05-2015, 7:44 PM

Vic. I am afraid i do not have your laser and dont use laserdraw. A few suggestions though while you wait for the Chinese holiday to end.

Search on google for corellaser. I Found a number of installation instructions there that might help you.

Also. Did they send you aa electronic manual along with your software? Assuming it is also in simplified Chinese you might be able to use google translate to get you far enough to see how to switch the software to english if it has that ability. Or to find the download of the english version.

Not much help. But with luck????

Dave Sheldrake
10-05-2015, 8:03 PM
Looks like a Shen 350 D but with a digital control for an analog laser (pot control) rather than the DSP you would usually expect.

If you want to email me the manual Vic I can translate it for you?

Dave Sheldrake
10-05-2015, 8:11 PM
Just been reading up on them.....hummm interesting..can't say I've seen those with push button switch control for normal pot output before. Actually quite interested, if they are cheap I might buy one to muck about with.

A few novel ideas in them like button rather than the unreliable POT control, motorised beds although basic K40 type head looks like usual rubbish.

vic meek
10-05-2015, 8:11 PM
I have NO manual and the Corellaser is in ALL Chinese So I really have nothing to get this thing to work.
I was hoping someone else has this laser so I could download or buy a copy of the software.

vic meek
10-05-2015, 8:14 PM
Is it ok to post a link to another forum site that has my whole story on this laser?

Hi Vic, I posted the photos of the machine here so it's not linking to their website and people can just look at this thread and see the one you have.


Dave Sheldrake
10-05-2015, 8:26 PM
Not allowed to post links to forums Vic but you can PM me it and I'll go take a look if you like?

vic meek
10-05-2015, 8:32 PM
just sent you a PM

Not allowed to post links to forums Vic but you can PM me it and I'll go take a look if you like?

Roy Sanders
10-05-2015, 8:48 PM
I can help with both if you will PM me I will send you the English zip file. also if you go to translate.google.com you will be able to translate the Chinese to Enlish

vic meek
10-05-2015, 8:50 PM

David Somers
10-05-2015, 8:57 PM

Just to add to Dave Sheldrakes Efforts....

Here is a link to Corellaser download. This appears to be a recent version in English.

Corel Laser is a plug in to Corel and allows you to send data to your laser from within Corel. Basically it is calling an outside program.

You dont say what version of Corel you are using? But this may help for the last few suite versions. Not sure about earlier than that.
Install it as administrator on your machine.
Start Corel once it is done. Not a long installation.
Go to Tools and then options.
Look for VBA and open that, then check Trust All installed GMS modules.
Uncheck delay load VBA and then hit OK.
Close Corel.
Reopen Corel
Open a new Document.
Open Tools and then Options
Open customization and command bars
You should see the laser option checked. Not sure what name it will show as.
Hit OK and then look for the icon up on your toolbar. It may show up as a free floating icon. If so you can doc it in your tool bar with a click and drag and then drop it where you want it on the bars.
Do your normal design work in Corel.
Make sure your laser is on and then click the icon above.
It should say something about the laser being on, and then put you into the software for the laser with your drawing loaded.
You will likely see layers sorted out with cut or engrave parameters available. Double click any of those lines to change the parameters.
You can also disable any given layer there if you only want to one one or a few.

See if that helps!


vic meek
10-05-2015, 9:14 PM
I am using Corel x6 home and student
I use Illustrator to draw with and corel draw to send to my laser program Retina Engrave for my Full spectrum laser
Will adding this Corel laser to my Corel draw cause a problem in my retina engrave? Such as going to the wrong laser?

vic meek
10-05-2015, 9:20 PM
www.east-signs.com is temporarily unavailable

David Somers
10-05-2015, 9:27 PM
Sorry Vic! I was just in there. Hopefully that is short turn.

I think Retina Engrave has its own icon in Corel? If so you will be safe doing Corel Laser.
X6 will be fine with my instructions.

PS.....Seahawks are playing right now so my responses may be a bit....delayed? <grin>

Dave Sheldrake
10-05-2015, 9:28 PM
does the student version allow plugins? or is it just macro's it blocks?

David Somers
10-05-2015, 9:35 PM

I believe Corel Plugins are all VBA or VSTA macros in essence. So no, they would not work in the home/student version.


vic meek
10-05-2015, 9:48 PM
dont have the email yet

vic meek
10-05-2015, 9:55 PM
dave are you saying I need to get another corel draw?

Rich Harman
10-05-2015, 10:04 PM

I believe Corel Plugins are all VBA or VSTA macros in essence. So no, they would not work in the home/student version.


I use to use the student edition of Corel, I think it was X5. I had no problems running the LaserWorks plugin.

Rich Harman
10-05-2015, 10:05 PM
Is it ok to post a link to another forum site that has my whole story on this laser?

Why not cut and paste your story into this forum?

vic meek
10-05-2015, 10:20 PM
If it is ok with the moderator I will
so lets wait to see what he says

Why not cut and paste your story into this forum?

David Somers
10-05-2015, 11:00 PM
Vic....Give it a try before you resort to a different version of Corel. All I could speak to were those two types of plugins. I double checked that with the Corel web site.
Rich, The info I had was on X6 and 7. Not sure about 5.

Rich Harman
10-05-2015, 11:36 PM
If it is ok with the moderator I will
so lets wait to see what he says

You are not allowed to post links to other forums, there is no rule against you sharing your laser story here - even if you have already shared it elsewhere.


Bud Millis
10-06-2015, 10:47 AM
www.east-signs.com (http://www.east-signs.com) is temporarily unavailable

It's available today.

Keep us posted on how you make out - i've been thinking about these as I surf eBay.


vic meek
10-06-2015, 9:22 PM
This is for everybody looking to buy a EBAY laser.
I looked at a 50 watt laser on ebay and I asked a lot of questions about the laser trying to find out if this was a real dealer that knew the product.They answered all my questions and proved they knew the product.
The laser was warehoused in san leandro California being in the states I hoped that I had a better chance of the laser having no damage.
So I payed my $2000.00 for the laser and waited for the 7 days for delivery.
the fedex truck came on time and with a fork lift brought the huge box to the lift on his truck.
He set the almost 250 pound box gently into the back of my pickup so I could take it to my work shop on my property.
My neighbor came over to help me to lift it out of my truck and that is when I got the biggest surprise of my life...THE BOX WAS EMPTY!
Several calls to the seller and ebay and to fedex have yielded nothing so far.
I will be adding to this thread so keep checking to see the results

Where it stands now is that Fedex and The seller are trying to determine where the laser disappeared
The seller has agreed to ship another laser to replace the one I didnt get.
I have requested for them to send a picture of the packing crate with the top off and the laser inside sitting in the fedex truck
I have also asked if while they are doing their research are they going to wait before sending the laser and the response was no they will ship right away
I will update later when I have more info

Latest update
Still no response from seller...
Escalated claim with Ebay and found out that I have to submit a police report??? Local police say I need to file with the seller IN CHINA!!!!
After a lot of argument with Ebay and telling them I am going to include them in the police report for helping the seller commit fraud they dropped the getting the police report.
It now stands with Ebay " We will get back to you "

This is the latest update...
I got a replacement laser today.
We opened it on the Fedex truck and there was a laser inside this time.
I opened the crate and began to inspect the laser.
The first thing I noticed was dirt and what appeared to by debris and stains in the bottom of the case.
I noticed that the laser was fully assembled and there was water in the laser tube ( I just had a new tube put into my other laser and there was no water in it). Draw your own conclusion on that one.
I looked through the packages to find the assembly and operating instructions and lo and behold... Missing!!!
Next I looked for the software and guess what... Missing!!!
These people want me to leave a positive feedback on Ebay for them How can I? This has been a mess since day 1.
Now I have to fight with them again to try to get these items before I even turn it on to see if it powers up..

Response from seller when told of the condition of the laser received...
I have check your picture,But it will not influence the usage,Could you kindly rub it by yourself ?
The software you can use corel draw.Sincerely hope you can test the machine first.If the machine can works well.We can give you $20 as compensation,Is that OK?
Any ideas please feel free to let me know,Have a nice day.

This is the compensation they offered for my trouble...
Shipping me a empty box...
Making me do the research with Fedex to find out why the box was empty...
Having to deal with the incompetent people at Ebay...
Having to file a police report....
The 15 hour time difference to talk to you..
And you offer $20.00 compensation???
You just bought yourself a negative feedback for 20 bucks

Does anyone know anything about this XB-4060 laser?
So far--- The lift table does not work the motor just vibrates.
The water pump wont pump.
Cant fire the laser without the pump
I looked at the specs on the pump and it just jumped out at me and slapped me in the face...Its a 220 volt pump!!!
I bought a 110 machine... Could this be possible They sent me a 220v machine?
Another strange thing is they sent a 110/220 converter but no cords to connect it to anything.
The plugin on the machine is a 110v the digital display works The gantry moved to the rear left when powered on Am I screwed again???

Oct.1st was the last time I contacted the sellers and was turned over to the support team.
I was promptly informed that it was the beginning of a Chenese holiday and would have to wait until they come back to work To get any support.
The holiday is 8 days long and I am sitting here with a blue and white door stop A dumb piece of metal thats collecting dust.
Am I the only one on this site that owns one of these lasers? If anyone has one PLEASE let me know so I can get mine running..

This all started on AUG.25th... How would you react???

vic meek
10-06-2015, 9:30 PM
I just posted part of the conversations I have had with the sellers take a look it might help you make up your mind.
P.S. I went with them because they have a warehouse in the USA thinking that if I needed support I could drive to them if needed.
Turns out its a third party warehouse and they have no control nor a clue whats going on there.
Also after filing a police report as required by Ebay the investigation came back as a felony...

David Somers
10-07-2015, 1:24 AM

Just want to be sure I am not misreading. Your post number 26 above is actually your saga from the beginning to just before you started this thread? It is a flash back in words? <grin>

If so. Yehaaaa!

What problems are you left with right now? Just to be sure we know what we still need to help you with.

And I am gonna hit the sack and thank my lucky stars I had good dealings with my Chinese purchase.


vic meek
10-07-2015, 9:57 AM
I have what appears to be a used laser , the tube fires manually.
I have no software to drive the laser.
I was to get Laser draw and Coreldraw x4 and corellaser in the deal which I did get, but both programs are written in chinese and there is no translator for the whole program that I have found.
I dont care about what program I get to drive the laser as long as it will take a corel or Illustrator file.

vic meek
10-07-2015, 10:19 AM
I just had a thought with the guy surfing looking for a laser on Ebay.
Are you aware that a lot of the ads on ebay are just one site selling out of a couple warehouses?
I fly RC airplanes and had the chance to buy planse for my business from one such group of people.
There were about 20 computers in a single room and each computer was a different store listed on the web selling from the SAME WAREHOUSE INVENTORY!!!
So just because it looks cheaper at one ad the same machine can be offered in another ad but all of them are sitting in one or two warehouses P.S. That warehouse may be no more than a storage rental unit which is what I observed when I was selling planes.

Dave Hutton
10-07-2015, 10:46 AM
How would you react???

I'd be quite annoyed to put it mildly!

That sounds like a really bad operation, and probably quite easy to get into that sort of mess as some of the adverts look quite good.

Hopefully when they are back from their hols it will all be sorted for you with a bit of luck. To be fair they did send you another (albeit apparently used) If it were a scam then you wouldn't have got that, so maybe they are just a bit disorganised and useless rather than criminal.

I'd have thought ebay would be a bit more helpful, I guess if you'd used a credit card via paypal then you'd have a very good chance of getting the financial side of it sorted out with them, hopefully you did - but you don't say about that.

Not a good start to owning a laser and you have my sympathies.

Hope it all works out for you in the end and you get it doing what you want.

Best Regards


Matthew Grant
10-07-2015, 11:02 AM
I use a chinalaser with CorelLaser. The gantry autozeros at power on, that sounds fine. That power supply probably runs the tube and mainboard and is probably universal 85VAC - 240VAC.

If the voltage converter is a transformer, you can wire it internal to the unit for fan and lift motor if you're savvy with that stuff.

I can try to help you get set up. Other than the software being in Chinese, can you describe the problems?

My corellaser just launches Corel. I don't have to do any work in a Chinese interface. Did you happen to get a usb dongle with your rig?

Also - please post a pic of your mainboard and any software screens you're having trouble with?

vic meek
10-07-2015, 11:59 PM
The only problem I am having now is the missing Coreldraw x4.
With the Corel I can get it going myself ...I think.

vic meek
10-08-2015, 12:02 AM
Since 7pm tonight I have had 35 emails with the support team and still no corel in english.
There is a option in corel that wil change the language but they dont sem to understand that you nee to be able to read chinese in order to get to the option to make the change

Robert Schmiede
10-08-2015, 12:21 AM
Hey vic, I had similar language problem,went to my local chinese restaurant with all I wanted translated,George did it in a flash,all it cost me was a plate of dim sims,special fried rice and a sweet and sour pork. All fixed.

Kev Williams
10-08-2015, 1:52 AM
Vic, 2 things:

1- water in the tube is normal. Not saying yours hasn't been used, but many mfr's test run the laser before they ship it. Mine had water in it.

2- While messing around with my software, I ended up with it showing only chinese text. I just kept choosing (and keeping track of) different options. If it didn't work, I started over until English popped up---

Matthew Grant
10-08-2015, 8:13 AM
Perhaps you can ask them to take a screenshot. Then you know it's the x'th option in the y'th menu.
Certainly been THERE before..

Brian Leavitt
10-08-2015, 11:22 AM
I have google translate on my phone. I just take a shot of what I want to translate, highlight the text, and it translates it to English for me. You might try this to translate the language selection menu.

vic meek
10-09-2015, 11:10 AM
This is the latest and the last update because I am not going to pursue this matter anymore...
The seller has sent me Corel x4 x5 x6 all of them written in Chinese.
The last Corel they sent me had a virus installed in it.
My only recourse is to buy my own software.
I recommend you stay away from these sellers.

Scott Shepherd
10-09-2015, 11:20 AM
Let them use TeamViewer (free, legit download) and log into your computer and change it while you're watching. You can immediately disconnect them when it's changed, so there's no risk of them doing anything to your computer without your knowledge or consent, you'll be seeing every click and cursor move. It's how most of the companies are doing tech support these days.

vic meek
10-13-2015, 9:11 AM
I just bought coreldraw x6 full version and I need a link to corellaser in ENGLISH and does anyone know how to use the software to connect to the laser?