View Full Version : cooler temperatures on the way

stan kern
10-02-2015, 2:26 PM
Fall is here ,shop heat really is not on yet ,each year i go through looking for some sort of immersible heater to fit into the cooler fill port.
I felt that if one could just bring the temp up a bit it would be good for the laser
I don't like running the laser below 17 degree c
Right now i have a 500 watt small heater that i run near the cooler to get the temp at 17 ,doesn't take long after for the laser to develop its own heat
I have looked at fish tank stuff but its too big ib dia,need something like the old solder iron ,plug it drop in the hole for sat 15 min and remove.
Anyone with ideas

Paul hardy
10-02-2015, 3:09 PM
look at mcmaster-carr just search for heater and you'll get all sorts of hits for cartridge style immersion heaters. They have some as far down as 1/8in diameter.

stan kern
10-02-2015, 7:20 PM
thanks I will

David Somers
10-02-2015, 9:11 PM

Have you searched on the forum for this topic? I remember Dave Sheldrake discussing temps and a laser often, and heat was never a good thing.

Dave??? You out there to chime in?


stan kern
10-02-2015, 9:50 PM
i sort of thought that just to warm up the coolant before running the laser would help, right now i use a smll
500 watt car heater to blow on the air around the chiller intake until i see the chiller readout at 17+ then i start
working .
i don't feel comfortable at less than 16 degree c