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Roger Lueck
09-18-2015, 1:10 AM
Has anyone purchased any Sinjoe laser engraving equipment?

What was/is your purchase/shipping experience?

What was/is your experience with the equipment?

What was/is your experience with their support/service?

Thank You,

Matt Geraci
09-18-2015, 4:26 PM
I just purchased from XTLaser, Jason was the sales rep. Great communication, organization and I am pleased with the process. Sent many instructional videos, ran a lot of tests with my artwork on various materials and answered technical questions on the demo software. The unit just arrived in the US and will be making it's way to me by next week I hope.

Roger Lueck
09-18-2015, 5:13 PM

I'd like to hear more of your experience with Sinjoe equipment about two months after you start using your machine.


Dave Sheldrake
09-18-2015, 6:21 PM
They use the AWC608 controller....reportedly pretty good from what I hear.

In reality there is little between most of the Chinese machines, the choice is limited to

AWC control
Ruida control
Leetro control

Cabinets vary in quality but not really in design, the laser heads are all made by two companies, the lens's by 3, mirrors all come from one, power supplies from 3, Tubes on the whole from 5

Most of the difference these days is the colour they get painted :)

Support in general Roger? generally pretty useless once the companies get past the "10 steps to fix laser" card they read from :)

Roger Lueck
09-20-2015, 3:00 PM

Thank you for the feedback. As you said Dave, while there are many "brands" on the internet, the components are made by only a few manufacturers in China. I understand the problem with service also as you do not have access to those who actually produce the components, some are assemblers while most that are offering laser on the internet are simply sales organizations based in China.

Since many of the machines are the same or similar, I'm simply gathering information in the event I decide to add another machine to my operation.

Thank You,