View Full Version : Best web cam? Video phone?

Greg Tatum
08-24-2005, 6:28 PM
I am looking for the best web camera with a price under $120.00....my kids just moved to Ohio for a year and I am missing them so bad I'm losing weight :( ....I want to send them a web cam so we can chat and see each other...I have looked at reviews on cnet and such and opinions are mixed as is usual....I wondered if any creekers have experiences with web cams/ video phones and chat/ IM ....broadband connections will be used....I wan't to be able to see and talk with them without lag or pixilated images.....just want to see them as if they were here (asking to much, but they are so much of my life, ya know?).

Any comments, recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Greg Tatum

Erin Stringer
08-24-2005, 10:06 PM
Hi Greg,

I recently got set up with the webcam stuff. Mine is a very basic camera, a Labtec brand that was $30 at CompUSA. I use Skype for the audio portion and MSN messenger for the video. It is a bit involved but my in-laws were able to get theirs figured out if it meant they could see the grandkids.

It is my first attempt at the video-phone stuff so it probably isn't the best but it does the job a lot better than what I had before (nothing) so I am happy with it.