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Mark Hulette
06-07-2003, 12:30 PM
I've bought a grill from a yard sale and am refurbishing it. I'll have to replace the burner- no biggie- and the drip guard. Here's the question= Can I just get a small sheet of aluminum and bend it like the original drip guard? or should it be galvanized metal? Should I be worried about fumes from the aluminum? Thanks!

Del Williams
06-07-2003, 1:39 PM
Mark - If at all possible I would use stainless steel for the drip guard. I would worry about the ability of aluminum to stand up to the direct heat. Depending on what you grill, the drippings may be acidic react with galvanized sheet metal. You may be able to find SS in smallish sheets at a big box, if not there check for sheet metal shops in the Yellow Pages.

John Christiansen
06-07-2003, 4:37 PM
I'd get a measurement of the size tray needed and go to Wal-mart and buy a bakeing pan that fits the situation.

Aluminum will work great if you have a sheet of it that fits. But if you have to buy it, the bakeing pans will be cheaper.

Galvinized tin however will put a bad taste and smell in your food if it gets hot enough. DAMHIKT!

Kevin Gerstenecker
06-07-2003, 4:50 PM
Mark, stay away from any metal that has a galvanized coating. The Galvanizing can produce toxic fumes when heated. The Auto Body guys that use galvanized sheet metal for rust repair always grind the galvanizing off before they braze or weld. I asked a Body Man friend of mine why they did that, and he explained that the galvanized coating produced toxic fumes when you weld or heat it with a torch. I would try to go with stainless if you can, or the baking pan solution sounds like a good idea to me..........I never thought of that one, but it sounds like a great idea to me. Good Luck, and happy barbecuing! :D

Mark Hulette
06-07-2003, 8:37 PM
Thanks for the info, guys~ I thought I'd seen something about certain metals giving off bad fumes.

I'll try the baking pan idea and let you know how everything tastes!

OH YEAH! Almost forgot- my genuine Sawmill Creek hat just arrived today! The shipping was EXTREMELY quick. Thanks, Jackie.

Thanks Again!