View Full Version : Advice needed for Memorial Plaque

Dan Bihary
08-19-2015, 3:13 PM
This year I volunteer to take care of an abandoned memorial in my city. I’ve gotten it cleaned up, but now have a task in front of me.

A plaque that honored a WWII Marine pilot was removed from one of the memorial backings. I would like to replace it with a new one.

The memorial is not in “a good section of town”, and is almost 100% viewed from passing cars within 20 feet of the plaque.

I have access to a 60 watt epilog laser and a shopbot. The plaque is 21” high x 31 wide.

I wish it to match the adjacent plaque in color if possible. Gold with black text and graphics. I want to include a large graphic of the fallen pilot’s plane.
So what the best way for me to do this? My concerns are durability (I want to do this once) and cost (I’m paying for it).

What material am I most likely to be successful with on my first shot? Acrylic? Anodized aluminum? Corian?

Bonus points for easy to get material!

Mike Null
08-19-2015, 3:55 PM
The plaque shown should have the field color filled with black or other dark color so that the gold text stands out.

For the new plaque I would use Black or dark gray Corian and i would probably use the cnc as it'll take forever to get enough depth with the laser. I would visit each of the cabinet/countertop shops in your area and explain what you are doing. They will certainly give you a discount or they may give you the material free.

I would make the size of the plane proportionate to the rest of the plaque rather than make it dominate.

Keith Outten
08-19-2015, 5:21 PM
Black Corian vcarved on a CNC Router and use gold paint. The contrast will be exceptional and the paint is easy to maintain about once every ten to fifteen years.
This one was laser engraved, a CNC Routed sign will produce more contrast given the shadow lines and be larger text.