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Doug Evans
06-06-2003, 8:55 PM
Bob Fenn has done a lot of antique restorations and repairs for me over the years (turning an ivory ring for a rosewood Ultimatum brace, doing a set of Howrth chisel handles up, etc.). It is indeed Bob who did our first Panels and Jointers. Bob does the octagon boxwood handles for our bench chisels and the beech Addis-style carver handles.

I asked Bob to make a special set of carving chisels for me with some ebony turning blanks he had kicking about. In addition, I purchased some Macassar Ebony and Holly for the box. I think you will agree that he does some spectacular work based on the photo below. The panels on the box are raised above the frame so as not to allow the fragile ebony to get damaged over time. He managed to do all of this and hand me a small scrap of maccassar and a 1"X1"X4" piece of holly left over from the job.

I just cant get over how good he is at his craft. I ask for a lot of weird heavy duty things and every time I go over to pick up the results, I am simply blown away! His work is sometimes superior to the original 19th century stuff that I give him.

Just wanted to pass this along.


Doug Evans
06-06-2003, 8:58 PM
Here is a shot of the box wit the lid closed.


Carl Eyman
06-06-2003, 9:47 PM
What a beautiful sight!

Paul Barnard
06-06-2003, 10:36 PM
That is incredible

Glenn Clabo
06-07-2003, 7:11 AM
Holy ... Moly... That's some amazing stuff!

Dave Anderson NH
06-07-2003, 8:24 AM
The whole kit is absolutely gorgeous, but I'd be terrified about even storing the case to prevent scratches and damage let alone opening it and using such beautiful chisels. They setup sort of reminds me of one of those presentation sets or some of the "highly finished" firearms made by Remington in the late 1800s. Definately not users to my way of thinking, but something to be displayed in a glass fronted case.

Phil Phelps
06-07-2003, 8:25 AM
....on another planet :D You lucky dawg!!! Some people are just gifted.

Doug Evans
06-07-2003, 9:34 AM
they are actually quite practical (hee hee hee)... at least that's how I 'splained it to Joanne. The heft and balance of these chisels is actually just phenomenal. They were inspired by this box that Ben has of some SJ Addis imported into New York at trhe turn of the century by Hammacher Schlemmer, of New York. Bob dir a much nicer job on the handles than the originals for size, graduation and balance.

I would also say that the use of ebony againt holly is sooo pragmatic... it allows you not to misidentify a chisel, which could ruin an entire day.

Actually ebony, holly and macassar were considered to be "primo creamo" in Victorian times and thus it did not take all that much for me to dream up the combo. Our buds at Exotic Woods (fine purveyors of wood in Burlingotn) are always able to comply with some scraps to scrape.



John Mangov
06-16-2003, 10:48 PM
If I may ask a question. Did Bob Fenn just work on the handles on this chisel set or did he forge and shape the steel itself. I was thinking of making my own handles for my carving set and was wondering if you could just buy the steel chisel without the handles? I am familiar with metal having apprenticed as a tool and die maker. I would love to forge, shape and heat treat my own chisels and knives, but that is another exspensive slippery slope.

I loved working with metal, but in the end I gave up the smell of cutting fluid for the smell of cut wood.

John Mangov

Pickering Ontario

Doug Evans
06-17-2003, 8:17 AM
If you need some steel, fire me an email.



Doug Evans
07-02-2003, 1:34 AM
Hi Dave:

We are making another custom set for a Guilder down in CT with a different set of sweeps.

His initial guess was 50% higher than asking.