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steven c newman
08-16-2015, 2:10 PM
Had some scrap wood laying around, decided to do something with it. Have 7 brace drills, figured I could stash one in the tool chest, but needed a place for the rest.

Had a holder of sorts.
Had a couple 1 x4 oak scraps
Had a pine 1 x 4 scrap
Had a 1/2" x 4" Sycamore scrap
Cut the Oak at an angle on one end, dug up some 1/4" plywood. Screwed the plywood to the oak. Added the pine scrap along the bottom. after beveling the back edge
Just some counter-sunk screws, and a spot of Elmer's
The "Holder"?
More Elmer's, and some screws through the plywood. Needed a way to keep the braces from flopping around..
And a test fit to find out where to set the second holder. Forstner bit to try to make the notches, bandsaw to finish them up. A little more Elmers, and some screws, and the Barn Wood Sycamore is in place.
Cleared a spot to set this up, OTHER than ON my bench. Loaded the til up..
All but the Millers Falls holdall chuck will fit. Gave the wood a coat of BLO, and called it done. White knob one is a screw driver brace.

Just scraps, had to find some use for them...

Pat Barry
08-17-2015, 8:39 AM
Steven, what is different about the MF holdall chuck such that it won't fit? Also, I see you didn't leave a few slots open for expansion.

steven c newman
08-17-2015, 11:37 AM
Note the other chucks in the till? All are "bell" shaped. The Holdall is a BIG round, long thing. It has a place to reside in Tool Chest #2 There is room for maybe four more in the chest. mainly for the ones I'm not using. Ones in the til? More of a "Ready Rack". Might install a few bits, to have things ready to go as needed. Might not even have to change bits, just grab a different brace....

Pat Barry
08-19-2015, 7:36 PM
You've done well with your collecting and restoration work on these old braces and planes over the years