View Full Version : Will-writing software, anyone used it?

Erin Stringer
08-21-2005, 8:08 AM
So, now that I actually have a couple of descendants it is time to get my "house" in order. Have any of you used a home will writing program? I don't have a lot of complicated investments or property/business assets so I am thinking that I should be OK with a do-it-yourself program. Any suggestions are appreciated and welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Richard Wolf
08-21-2005, 10:04 AM
Erin, I have used the do it yourself programs. I guess only time will tell how they hold up. My biggest suggestion to people with any kind of will is to be sure that the witnesses to the signing stay current, available, and alive. Once the will is put into effect, afadavits will need to be signed by the witnesses. It tough to get someone to sign it if you can't find them anymore. You may want to check your parents will (if it applies) and make sure you know who witnessed their will and where they are now.


Jim Becker
08-21-2005, 10:24 AM
The software will work well relative to a will, but there is much more that needs to be done. You may still want to do a consultation with a family attorney to make sure you have everything covered you need to. It's not just about property...care of your family is even more important should something happen to you and/or your partner when children are involved.

Ken Garlock
08-21-2005, 10:58 AM
Hi Erin. There are two additional items that I regard as musts. Make a living will, and a medical directive. The last couple times we visited a hospital, even for routine test, the hospital asked if we had those two items and offered information regarding how to set them up.

Each state has their laws regarding the requirements for a will, etc. For example, in Texas you attach an addendum to the will called a self proving statement that will validate the will in court without the need to dig up the original witnesses. I would get an attorney to draw up all three items. If you can find a young attorney that is just setting up a practice, he might be willing to fix you up at a reasonable price.

Another thing is that you should have these documents recorded at your county clerks office.

It will cost you several hundred dollars to have it done correctly, maybe even 7 or 8 hundred depending on what you need. The point is that it will be legal in your state, Ohio.

LOML and I went through the process two years ago, and feel much better having done it through a lawyer.

Chris Padilla
08-22-2005, 12:58 AM
Skip the DIY wills. The key to having things taken care of when you pass this world is to set up a living trust. You must avoid PROBATE at all costs...a will will not prevent probate at all. A living trust will prevent probate. Read up here and learn...it certainly opened my eyes and mind! :)

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