View Full Version : A forum for a schools parents?

John T Barker
07-27-2015, 11:29 PM
I wanted an opinion from any parents out there. I am thinking of creating a forum for myself and the parents of other kids in my daughters grammer school. I have found so many instances where I was in need of a connection, needed some information, that another parent could offer. Have you ever found yourself relying too much on friends for sitters? Thought there must be a good but inexpensive camp, or you just wanted a good source clothes, crafts or recipes?

That is where I am. My wife and I don't have family in this area and since we live in one of the towns two condominiums we are a bit cut off from some of what one can find in a neighborhood where kids play together and parents canmeet at the fence to chat. I know from how we all help each other here that a forum is agreat idea for parents to help each other with advice and information. To me it is a no brainer. Of course there are all sorts of ways it could go sour. Parents getting into fights about what there kids said/did/might have done. Criticisms of the school or PTO or teachers...these are just a taste of what could go wrong. With the membership restricted to only the parents, a board of moderators and most importantly a well published notice that the forum is for positive interaction with no tolerance for anything else.

From your experience as a parent and what you see of other parents in your school do you think people can behave in a forum atmosphere like this?

Matt Meiser
07-27-2015, 11:39 PM
Our (private) school has a closed Facebook group. It's "official" as one of the admins is the schools Director. Works well for official communication as well as many of the things you mention and rarely is anything but friendly. Will it work for you? Hard to say as it probably depends a lot on your community.

Matt Day
07-28-2015, 7:43 AM
I'd suggest a Facebook group too. I'm surprised there isn't one already to be honest. My wife is part of about 3 different "Mommy swap" groups in our area for buying/selling kids stuff and general kid chatting/Q&A. My kids aren't school age yet FYI.