View Full Version : Advise how to reupholster a small Stool

Brian Deakin
07-26-2015, 2:33 PM
I need to reupholster a small stool for my garage The seat of the stool measures 14 ins by 10 ins approx

My question what to use a padding
Do I use foam or would a piece of high quality carpet be suitable

Further if I took the carpet option would I have the carpet pile facing up or down

or is there a better approach

I plan to cover the padding with leather

regards Brian

Mel Fulks
07-26-2015, 2:43 PM
I'm not in that trade. But if you are using real leather the horse hair type stuff would be best. Don't know about using carpet. I've heard that foam under leather shortens leather durability, but I don't know if that is accurate.

Bob Vavricka
07-26-2015, 3:24 PM
What is the current pad and what is its condition? If the padding is in good condition I usually just reupholster over it. If you want to add a little more padding you could add a thin layer of foam or cotton upholstery batting of fiberfill batting. I've never heard of foam shortening the life of leather, but I also don't know that it doesn't. Sometimes muslin is used to cover the padding just like the upholstery and then the upholstery material put on over the muslin.

Rich Enders
07-26-2015, 7:46 PM
There is a leather upholstery video on U-Tube that shows the use of foam under leather. The foam looked to be a couple inches thick. He pre-sewed the corners on the leather which gave a nice look. On my last project I just did "hospital" corners which are easier, but IMO not as attractive.

Rich Enders
08-05-2015, 12:35 AM
Additionally there is an article in the February 2015 FWW magazine by Becksvoort on building a stool with a leather covered seat. He sends it out to be upholstered, but the renderings show the use of foam under the leather.