View Full Version : Cleaning enameled stove surface

Ruperto Mendiones
07-18-2015, 4:25 PM
I have a Viking stove with black baked-on enamel finish. There are accumulations of burned on crud that are resistant to most solvents, scrapers and to Soak-Off, a strong gelled methylene chloride restaurant cleaner .

Watching a neighbor clean shell casings with walnut hull granules gave me the idea of using a HF blast cabinet and walnut shells. Does anyone have experience using this method? Comments?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

John Lohmann
07-18-2015, 7:21 PM
If you can put the parts in a garbage bag use ammonia, that stuff is amazing!

Erik Loza
07-19-2015, 8:32 AM
Get a new stove....

Kidding, but not really. I just sold a house that a stove like that. The cleaning ladies spent over an hour just on the stove with every chemical they had, trying to get that stuff off, and after they left, I got at it myself with a plastic scraper. The conclusion I came to was that there is no way to get all of it off without actually damaging the finish. It was so coked on there that there was no way to remove it without mechanically scraping. If someone has a magic solution, I'm all ears.


Barry McFadden
07-19-2015, 9:22 AM
If you're talking about a ceramic/glass cooktop...I can't imagine someone letting it get so bad that it can't be cleaned. I have had one for 5 years now and clean it with the usual ceramic cleaner and scrub pad whenever it's dirty, and other than a couple of small scratches, it looks as good as new.

Rich Enders
07-19-2015, 4:01 PM
I have not tried it, but Magic Eraser gets high fives for cooktop cleaning.

Ted Calver
07-20-2015, 12:24 AM
I have managed to clean mine using whatever household cleanser is on hand and a razor blade, being careful to hold it at a very shallow angle so as not to scratch the paint.

Shawn Pachlhofer
07-20-2015, 12:50 AM
get yer wife to do it!



Jerome Stanek
07-20-2015, 5:34 AM
have you tried krudcutter or a saw blade cleaner.

Clarence Martin
07-20-2015, 2:54 PM
Got a Kenmore Gas stove made in 1988. Black interior. Got all sorts of stains baked on over the years. I think the only thing that would remove it , would be a Porter -Cable belt Sander with 80 grit belts!!!

Mike Circo
07-20-2015, 3:18 PM
Multi step process:
1) Plastic scraper and water to get up most of the big clumps.
2) Soft (Pink) scrubbing pad and soap/water. To get the mid size junk.
3) This is the good part. Bon Ami Powered cleaner, water and SCRUB like a madman.
BonAmi will not scratch the finish no matter how hard you scrub. Use a good amount, rinse it off, reapply and rescrub a lot.
4) A final cleanup with Formula 409 gets the residual grease off.

Mike Chance in Iowa
07-20-2015, 6:25 PM
Like Mike Circo said, but I made more progress with Bar Keepers Friend when Bon Ami was slowly cleaning it off. I also used several Magic Eraser's and the final cleanup was some window cleaner to remove the last bit of streaks the 409 left.

Dan Hunkele
07-21-2015, 8:18 AM
EasyOff oven cleaner. Original formula not the eco friendly stuff.