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Mike Sherman
07-03-2015, 10:17 AM
With this site having a large member base, I'm sure there are some "car-guys" on here. lets see these beasts!
I'll get the ball rolling with my rides.

My `71 Firebird Formula - matching numbers 400ci with factory air.

My `55 Chevy, and `53 Ford F-100.
The `55 has a 454 BBC into a built TH400. This car was my HS auto shop teacher's race car....took 30 years to pry it from his hands.
The Ford has a 350 SBC into a 200-4R trans, camaro front clip, and ford 9" rear end.

Mike Lassiter
07-03-2015, 10:25 AM
Firebird is sweet.
In my younger days I knew someone that had a late 60's Firebird that had an aluminum inline 6 cylinder engine in it.

Mike Sherman
07-03-2015, 10:30 AM
Firebird is sweet.
In my younger days I knew someone that had a late 60's Firebird that had an aluminum inline 6 cylinder engine in it.

Thanks, Mike! I had a `73 Trans Am in HS, and sold it when I got married.....always regretted it! I promised myself I'd get another bird, so I bought this one for my 50th B-day.

Mike Lassiter
07-03-2015, 10:50 AM
in my youth: 68 Chevelle SS 396 4 speed, 69 Chevelle SS 396 4 speed, 70 Chevelle SS 454 turbo 400 ( originally 402 engine but swapped to 73 454 by previous owner. I spent my weekly paycheck at Kitchen's Autoparts on them. Got married and needed something more practical than the 70 Chevelle. I miss them and wish I could have kept them all. I once mistakenly put 4 speed in 3rd gear instead of 1st at a red light. Surprised it bucked slightly taking off until I realized what I had done.
My 99 F250 Superduty with 7.3 diesel and Banks Powerpak kit with 100 hp tune is almost as fun though. It weighs over 6000 lbs empty.

Rick Potter
07-03-2015, 2:17 PM

Lousy pic, being on the hook and all, but here is a shot of my 56 Ford going in last year when a transmission linkage failed.

It is an old (91) frame off resto-mod, with a 5.0 fuel injected motor and AOD transmission. Front discs, and an Edsel 9" 4:11 posi rear end. Interior matches exterior.

I also have a '48 Jeepster with a 327, and a '22 Model T with a V8 60 (for you old timers). It has been that way since the mid 50's. Got pics somewhere.

Jerome Stanek
07-03-2015, 3:40 PM
years ago my neighbor had a 6 cylinder auto corvette. It was one of only 250 made. can't remember what year it was but it was made in the 60's

Ole Anderson
07-03-2015, 4:43 PM
While technically not a hot rod here is our baby. My son bought it 25 years ago while still in high school and we have been working on it together ever since. I didn't consider it a "hot rod" until we dropped a 5.3 LS Chevy into it a couple of years ago, now with about 350 hp, it is our first performance vehicle. Last weekend we took it to the Silver Lake sand dunes here in Michigan and had a ball playing in the sand and water, charging up the face of "test hill" many times at full throttle. My wife and I tow it to FL and it has been our daily driver on Anna Maria Island during November, March and April for 6 years now. Right now we have it for two weeks in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore while camping. Hoping to show it tomorrow in the Frankfort 4th of July parade.

Larry Edgerton
07-03-2015, 6:27 PM
That is my favorite shoebox, just bad.......

I have had a heck of a string, over 200, but I am trying to quit.

Right now my only toy is a 67 Volvo Amazon wagon. Couldn't leave it alone. Went from 1800 to 2130 cc, 11.5:1 cr, balanced assembly, ported, bigger stainless valves cut for Chevy double springs and Ti caps and keepers, way too much cam so backing off a bit on that and dual Weber DCOE's through a long tube header. Car is lowered 2", and a sleeper other than that.

I figured if I bought a Volvo I would leave it alone.:rolleyes:

Bert Kemp
07-03-2015, 7:13 PM
This was my hot rod for the past 10 years, 1997 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe ,316738 I bought in in 2005 with 9000 miles on it and retired it this April with 168000 miles. Shifting fork went in the trany and I figured it really had seen better days. This is its replacement316739 I hope its as good as the last one:)

Mike Chance in Iowa
07-03-2015, 8:08 PM
Sorry the picture is a bit dark in the garage... This is my latest hot rod. The Morris does 0-60 in about 30+ seconds. It's garage buddy parked in the background is a bit faster. The Hayabusa can do 0-60 in less then 3 seconds.


Rick Potter
07-04-2015, 2:15 PM
This one is a factory produced Model A replica by 'GLASSIC'. Lots of modifications to it. Ford 302 with C-4 trans. Sold it about three years ago, currently resides in Canada. The black mustang was my grand daughters...key word was. The Mustang GT convertible in the garage is a 2003 with 30K on the clock, most of which is on cross country trips, Route 66, etc. The good lookin' guy in the car is a grand son, who looks exactly like I did 56 years ago.

316767 316768

This is the only pic I have of my '48 Jeepster...327 Chebby with Powerglide. Hiding behind stuff, it must be camera shy. I have had about 120 cars.....so far.


I have some pics of my '55 T-Bird rat rod with a 350 Chevy motor, but they are too large to post. Sold it a couple years ago..........already miss it.

Sorry, no pics of the Model T Touring, with the small block flathead V8 60. I am lousy at pics.

Len Mullin
07-05-2015, 2:50 AM
Holy smokes Rick, I sure would love to own that 48 Jeepster, they're getting to be about as scarce as hens teeth. Never owned one personally, but, when growing up I had the use of one for about six months a year. I had my choice, the Jeepster, an old Willy's, or an International Travelall. They were owned by an american fishing sport, that had 5-6 fishing camps located in different places along the local rivers. He didn't mind us driving them in the summer, but, the only time we were allowed to drive in the winter is if it was for camp use. And then, the only one we were to use was the Travelall. Man that was a beast, and with standard steering you sure got a workout.

Doug W Swanson
07-05-2015, 10:48 PM
Here's my 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra. It's a 428CJ with C-6 tranny. I've had the car for 20 years and plan on keeping for a while longer. It needs a paint job but that will be when the kids are out of the house and I don't have to worry about them bouncing their bikes off it :)


William A Johnston
07-06-2015, 1:20 PM
1974 Corvette, getting trailered to go back to body shop to finish all body work. I've had this car for 18 years and drove it for the first 7. It has been a project but with some good luck I should have it back on the road by next spring. New suspension, transmission rebuilt, motor rebuilt, new wiring harnesses and custom paint job.

Non matching numbers - Not completed but in my opinion its still a Hot Rod.


Rick Potter
07-06-2015, 1:37 PM
Always liked that style, Bill. I had a '78.

William A Johnston
07-06-2015, 4:37 PM
Always liked that style, Bill. I had a '78.

I've always liked the C3 body style also. Its like driving an oversized go cart. It's kind of like remodeling, I thought it would take about 2 years to get the car complete and about 11 years later I'm still saying "I'll have it done within a year" HAHA I enjoy wood working much more than mechanic work.


Mike Sherman
07-07-2015, 10:40 AM
Some great looking cars, gentlemen! I think it's pretty safe to say that it doesn't matter what type of vehicle it is to most gear heads...they're all cool.

Since Bert posted his bike, I'll post a pic of my current two-wheeled project of insanity. I've been road racing Two-stroke GP bikes since I was 17, and although I've slowed down on the competitive side of racing since I'm a fossil now (but I'm still fearless), I still do some vintage races and track days here and there.

I've always loved the Yamaha RZ350 engine (water cooled 2-stroke twin) but hated the chassis. They were supposed to be a street going replica of the TZ250 GP bike, but they didn't even come close to looking like one. They also had very weak frames and they were prone to cracking. So I figured it was time to do something about that and spend some quality time with the beast.

I started with this RZ350 that lead a hard life.

This is where I'm currently at with the build. Countless hours of metal work and retrofitting modern suspension.

I'm hoping to have it on the road next spring and looking like this.

Shawn Pixley
07-07-2015, 4:03 PM
Nice cars and bikes all! I don't think any of my cars would classify as a hotrod.

My first car - 1966 Triumph Spitfire (engine rebored for racing, I ended up shearing off two real axles)


The last car before my current car - Honda S2000 (Great car!)


My current car - BMW 335d (great daily driver and loads of Torque)


I tend to go for small sports cars if I can.

julian abram
07-09-2015, 8:28 AM
1974 Corvette, getting trailered to go back to body shop to finish all body work. I've had this car for 18 years and drove it for the first 7. It has been a project but with some good luck I should have it back on the road by next spring. New suspension, transmission rebuilt, motor rebuilt, new wiring harnesses and custom paint job.

Non matching numbers - Not completed but in my opinion its still a Hot Rod.


I love that body style vette, I had a 78 model back in my younger days. Always had to be careful not bumping other cars at stop lights because you couldn't see the end of the nose. It was the most uncomfortable car I ever owned but you looked and felt so cool driving it you didn't care about comfort.

Rick Potter
07-10-2015, 3:25 AM
That '78 Vette I mentioned above had the stiffest clutch of all the rides I have owned. We once went to the beach in it on a holiday weekend, and sat in traffic for an hour and a half. By the time I got home my leg was shaking, and I never drove it anywhere in heavy traffic again. I bought an '85 automatic to replace it, and for a year or so had two Corvettes.

My little brother has three right now, '05, '04, '02. all very low mileage, pristine. He just gave the '82 he had for almost 25 years to his son, and is looking at '96 GS's. He is hooked.

Matt Meiser
07-10-2015, 8:53 AM
Here's my last one. 87 Mustang, 351W with aftermarket heads and lots of performance goodies. Lots of chassis work so it was very stiff--have a blurry picture from test-and-tune night at the local drag strip where there's very clearly light under the front tires. It ran the 1/4 mile the low 12's with my inexperienced driving and I had plans to make some changes to get it into the low 11's. Then I met my wife, we bought a house, the dot-com economy tanked, etc, etc. Sold it when we had a kid on the way and realized that it wasn't really a young family activity.


I also had a much tamer 81 with a 351W but the ground effects and monochrome look popular in the late 80's when I was in high school that I sold to buy a more practical car for driving back and forth 6 hours in college. Can't find any electronic pictures of that one.

Now I drive an Escape. I like it actually, but the first night home the kid next door texted my daughter and said my new car looked like a mom car. I'd kind of like to get some kind of fun car I can tinker with as a 3rd vehicle but with a 13 year old heading to private high school in a year and college in 5 years, not to mention approaching driving age, there's a lot of reasons not to do it now.

Bradley Gray
07-10-2015, 10:28 AM
317077'49 Ford 9N 13HP but they are Big horses woo-hoo! (with my neighbor Alan)

Mike Wilkins
07-10-2015, 10:44 AM
Hey Mike; I had a RD350 back in the 70's and it was a hoot. I'm surprised my license wasn't taken. It loved to wheelie and was a blast in the twisties.

Malcolm Schweizer
07-10-2015, 11:57 AM
317085317086My '57 Chevy I bought when I was 19. Coolest kid at the university. My '71 Ghia. I have had so many VeeDubs I cannot count them. I can build a VW engine with my eyes closed.

Julie Moriarty
07-10-2015, 1:09 PM
My son's '72 Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland.

He sold it a couple of years ago. :(

Jeff Monson
07-13-2015, 3:02 PM
Here are some 2 wheel "hotrods" I recently finished restoring. 2-1970 trail 70's and a 1980 DT100, Last my F150


Matt Marsh
07-13-2015, 3:57 PM
I don't own any, but I sure love shooting them.