View Full Version : Ceiling Fan Placement in Kitchen

Dan Mages
06-26-2015, 4:35 PM
Part of our kitchen remodel (which is about to kick into high gear) is replacing the existing ceiling fan. It is not quite centered above the sink and 50" out from the soffit above the cabinets. I pulled down the fan to remove the ugly plastic medallion to discover that there was at some point in the past a 14" square recessed light in the kitchen. They never patched the hole, just covered it up.

I have instaled four 6" recessed lights 3' from the corners and one 4" flush mount light 18" from the soffit directly above the sink to replace the light from the fan. There is also a pendant light over the kitchen table, centered on the bay window, 3' from the wall, and 32" to the side of the fan.

The current location of the fan needs to be changed due to the strobe effect of the flush mount light over the sink.

1. I can easily move it back, but it is not centered on anything. It just looks like it was randomly stuck there.
2. I can place it in the middle of the room, but this might be too close to the pendant light cord.
3. I can replace the pendant light with the fan, but I will need to move more towards the middle of the kitchen. What should be the clearance between a fan and a wall?

Any other thougts on the placement?