View Full Version : Discussion Software Suggestions for Gravograph IS400

Marilyn B.
06-24-2015, 6:51 PM
We're longtime users of Cadlink software (EngraveLab etc) for our lasers and rotary engravers.

We've recently acquired a Gravograph IS400 rotary engraver - machine looks mint and powers up fine but we have no software to 'test' it.

What's the most affordable (basic function is fine) software suggested for testing this machine? Obviously need something that has drivers for this particular device.

Thanks for any help,


Dan Hintz
06-25-2015, 6:50 AM
Could be wrong on this, but I thought Gravograph machines were tied to the software...

Marilyn B.
06-25-2015, 11:20 AM
Thanks for your response Dan...

This could be, but maybe not? We actually have a Gravograph Laser LS800 and we use the same old EngraveLab as we did with the GCC machine we had before.

I suppose I could make a call to Gravograph and see what they suggest? Just looking to make a minimal investment for a legitimate software package to test the machine and possibly re-sell since we've decided we don't need such a BIG rotary engraver ;)

Welcome any other suggestions?


Phil Vernon
07-29-2015, 10:16 PM
Sorry for late post. Haven't been on for a couple of months.
What year is the machine. if its a serial communication you may not need Gravograph software.
You may have already purchased anyway.