View Full Version : Amazon is really on top of things

Stefan Antwarg
08-15-2005, 10:43 AM
Here is my tracking info for my new drill press. They knew I would want one before I was born!

Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details
Aug 11, 2005 07:00:00 PM --- In transit
Aug 11, 2005 06:50:00 PM --- Shipment picked up from seller's facility
Dec 31, 1969 03:59:59 PM --- In transit

Jerry Clark
08-15-2005, 10:53 AM
Great Stefan, But kidding aside it sure is nice to be able to track your orders right from your computer.:cool:

Jeff Sudmeier
08-15-2005, 12:39 PM
Wow, I wonder what they have in store from me!?!? :)

Ain't technology grand?

Keith Christopher
08-15-2005, 1:03 PM
I could be wrong but this looks like a y2k bug to me.

Chris Padilla
08-15-2005, 1:10 PM

They had to put it into orbit first (maybe to Saturn and back?) to time it juuusssstttt right! ;)

John Miliunas
08-15-2005, 1:23 PM
What I'd really like to know is, if this thing has been "in shipment" since '69, who the heck is the freight company???? Man, I really do NOT want to use them!:eek: :D :cool:

Rob Russell
08-15-2005, 1:27 PM
If it was built circa 1969, wouldn't that qualify it as "old iron" and isn't that a good thing ... :rolleyes: :D :rolleyes:

Lee DeRaud
08-15-2005, 4:39 PM
I could be wrong but this looks like a y2k bug to me.Close but no cigar: that time translates to one second before midnight GMT, 12/31/69. That's exactly one second before the "Dawn of Creation" for Unix systems: they measure time in seconds starting 1/1/70. Something hiccupped and stuffed a -1 (probably an error code) into that field.