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Tom Hyde
06-08-2015, 11:14 AM
I recently finished a planer stand/cabinet for the shop. This is part of a completely new shop setup from the floor up.

The cabinet is 26" wide x 30" deep x 35" tall (with locking casters attached.) This puts the planer tables at the same height as the jointer next to it so I can use the same indeed/outfeed support without changing height when necessary. I really like the taller height, saves my back.

The carcass is 3/4" MDO, screwed, glued and painted, with 1"x2" hemlock face frame with wax finish. Frame was biscuited together and attached with biscuits. Drawer fronts are partial overlay Doug Fir with wax finish. The 26" deep drawers are 1/2" MDO biscuited and screwed with 1/2" bottom and mounted with full extension 100# slides. I used leftover 3/4" plywood scraps behind the slides since this was a face frame install - worked well. The cabinet holds a ton of "stuff."

The bolted-on locking casters from the big box were relatively cheap ($8 each?) and I can't move the cabinet at all with them locked down. Great bargain, if they last. And for paint-grade cabinets, shelves, etc. ... I love MDO - more plys, fewer voids, waterproof face that takes paint very well.



Phil Thien
06-08-2015, 12:04 PM
That looks terrific. So what kind of paint did you use on the MDO?

I'm always encouraged to see others using biscuits. There seems to be a hatred for the things these days. Half or more of my projects involve biscuits in some form.

Tom Hyde
06-08-2015, 12:32 PM
I just used indoor latex that I picked up for cheap. I did lightly sand to scuff the surface a bit and put down a coat of primer first (not sure either are actually necessary). MDO is signboard so it takes paint really well - roll it, brush it, or spray it. Really sold on the stuff and it's cheaper than baltic birch. Also, for shop drawer interiors it's great as is - the overlay is tough stuff and waterproof.