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Mike Cutler
06-01-2015, 9:22 AM
Hey folks.

I'm looking for some input on Mobil Cell phone Booster, preferably 4G, but 3G is fine too.
I need a mobil booster that can be removed from the car, and carried to a remote barn with little effort, and in fact it doesn't really have too work in the car. I will probably power it with an 11 A/Hr USB power brick, but an AC adapter is fine too.

I've looked at the Wilson Electronic mobiles and they seem as if they would do the job for me. I previously installed a Wilson dB
pro in a another barn that gave me an ~ 50dB gain ( -106dB to low -50dB range), so I'm pretty confident in their devices. I don't want to install another one this time around.
Wilson seems to have two mobil devices. One is "Dock" type, and the other a stand alone transceiver. The Dock type would be easiest for my wife, but she would have no issues with the portable transceiver unit either.

Any input on these, or any mobil booster you've used, would be much appreciated. My wife is in her post Chemo/surgery phase and her having the ability to call out from the barn, that her horse is boarded at ,would give me great peace of mind, and allow her to feel, and be, more independent, safely.

Thank you in advance.

Jim Becker
06-01-2015, 10:28 AM
If the barn property has broadband Internet available, you could also consider putting a micro-cell there that's tied to your wireless account. It would be carrier specific, but can be pretty effective. You can move them around (they don't have to be in your own home) and only require sight of the sky to sync with the carrier network. I use one here in our home because the combination of a mountain between us and the tower as well as 18" thick stone walls precludes getting a reliable wireless signal on our property, at least indoors.