View Full Version : Any iPhone 6 Plus Size Phone Users Out There?

John McClanahan
05-26-2015, 5:52 PM
I am considering upgrading to an iPhone 6 plus. I was looking for feedback from large phone users. Any large phone, not just iPhone.

Now that you have owned the phone for awhile, are you still happy with the size?

How do you carry the phone, on your belt, pocket or just carry it?

If on your belt, do you use a pouch or just a clip?

Will your next phone be about the same size?

Thanks for all thoughts and opinions,

Doug Ladendorf
05-26-2015, 6:01 PM
Hey John,
I have had my 6+ since about late October. My goals were larger screen (my eyes are not getting younger…) and better battery life. On those it has delivered well. I have an iPad but really no longer use it as this is big enough for basically everything I want to do. I like the phone very much as a full-life device. The only difficulty is the thumb reach when operating one handed. This is mostly mitigated with a light double tap on the main button which brings the screen down so you can reach the top half.

Michael Weber
05-26-2015, 7:40 PM
John, I purchased a Huawei (wah-way) Accend Mate 2. It's bigger than the plus 6. Has a 6.1 inch screen while the plus 6 is 5.5 inches. Not nearly as convenient to carry around as the old iPhone 3 I had. I bought a belt case for it but the thing is so big I tend to just use my back pocket. Wanted big to mount on my motorcycles handlebars and be able to see it from the saddle going down the road. Would have liked the plus 6 but this one only cost 225 from Consumer Cellular, my service provider. Like Doug, I find the size large enough for general Internet use, though do have to zoom in on some things.

Rick Johnston
05-26-2015, 10:18 PM
I phone 6 here - I love it. Previously a 4. A 6 plus would be to big. I started out with a belt clip but now just carry in my pocket. Get an otter case / their best one.

Shawn Pixley
05-27-2015, 1:09 AM
I have a personal iPhone 5 and a work iPhone 6. I prefer the 5. A six plus is a ping pong paddle.

Randy Red Bemont
05-27-2015, 7:03 AM
I'm going to get the 6+ in June when my contract is up. Everyone I've talked to that has one says how much they like it. I think I'm sold on it. I will follow this thread to see what others have to say though.


Mark Blatter
05-27-2015, 10:40 AM
I carry an LG3 for work and it is nice, but larger than I personally like. If I had my preference, I would go with either the iPhone 6 or the new Galaxy S6. I have a side business that is a small retail store as a Zagg franchisee. Zagg sells screen protectors, keyboards, etc. I have seen many phones since I opened it and talked with many people about their phones. Many start off with the bigger 6+ or the Note 4, but then move backward to something a bit smaller. Since we also get into the repair of phones, I can tell you that the cost to repair an iphone is about half to repair a Samsung. If you break the screen on an iPhone 6 today, it will be around $130 - 150 to repair it. The same repair to a Samsung Note 4 is around $250 the last I heard. For the S6, I think you would be better off just buying a new phone.

Whatever you do, get a good case on it immediately. A good friend had his brand new, less than 4 weeks old, Note 4 in his shirt pocket, bent over, and out it went to the floor. No case or shield on it, and it shattered the screen.

Shawn Pixley
05-27-2015, 10:59 AM
My son switched to a Samsung Gallaxy last fall "for the features his iPhone 5 didn't have." He switched back to his iPhone two months ago.

Bryan Rocker
05-27-2015, 9:00 PM
I am still using my iPhone 4S and have no intention of upgrading anytime soon, unless I break it like I did my iPhone 3 when I bounced it off Logan's Roadhouse concrete floor.....it calls, it texts, takes great pictures and surfs the web what more do I need?

greg Forster
05-27-2015, 9:18 PM
I went from iPhone4 to iPhone6+ about 3 months ago; I really like this phone, it seems like the right size. I carry - clipped on, or sometimes in my back pocket, on a construction site 6 days a week. I use the phone as a smaller, more convenient iPad. I can't imagine going back to a smaller screen.

Matt Meiser
05-27-2015, 9:53 PM
I have a 6 and like the size. Can't imagine carrying one even larger.

John McClanahan
05-27-2015, 11:02 PM
I plan on using mine as a small iPad, too. That's why I was considering the 6+.


Matt Meiser
05-28-2015, 7:59 AM
I have an iPad mini already which I think is a perfect size for an iPad. Previously had an iPad 2 which I had promised to my daughter as a grade incentive when we switched her school which was too big and heavy for an eReader. I think I'd find the plus too small. Also, many apps have a iPhone and iPad mode. The iPad mode provides a better user experience--not sure how those present on the Plus, but I'd think they'd be in Phone mode.

Rich Konopka
05-29-2015, 3:22 PM
I have the iPhone 6 Plus because of my big hands and its easier on the eyes. It is great and I do not find it to be too big. It fits nicely in a dress shirt or a pocket Tee shirt. My wife and daughters all have the iphone 6 and find that it is good for needs.

ruby daubert
05-30-2015, 1:51 AM
I have iPhone 6 plus and every time I hold with my hand because like this very much. Don't like to keep them inside my bag or clutches. Big screen phones are one of my favorite one.

Steve Rozmiarek
05-30-2015, 10:39 AM
I think I'll get a Galaxy note next, current S5 user. I'm big, so it seems to scale. My daughter would not be comfortable with one.

Mike Hollingsworth
05-30-2015, 12:44 PM
6+ has the best camera and battery vailable. Camera has REAL Vibration Reduction. I rarely have to charge the dang thing.