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Roddy Thibault
08-11-2005, 1:22 AM
what spray guns do you guys use? I have a very cheap gun and want to get a better finish.I mostly spray ML campbell lacquer & water base.what tip/tips size should I buy ? I was thinking of buying another cheap but better gun like a astro pneumatic or a DeVilbiss Finishline III (oh ya i have a old 2hp/20 gal compresser)
any help/views would be great

Michael Gabbay
08-11-2005, 8:11 AM
Roddy - I bought an Asturo BBS from Jeff Jewitt at Homestead Finishing. The gun normally sells for $270 but he bought up a bunch and is selling them for around $190. I really like the gun alot. It only requires about 7 cfm where normal conversion guns require 10 or more. I have a 15 gallon compressor and there is no problem keeping up with the gun even on large pieces.

I've been spraying Target USL clear and white lacquer and Fuhr 9550 primer. With the clear USL, I use a 1.5mm tip. With the white USL and 9550 I use a 1.9mm tip. If you ever spray the 9550, double check the viscocity, mine was around 100+ seconds in a Ford #4 cup. I thinned it to 45 seconds and it sprays beautifully.

I also have a PC PSH01 which I've only played with. Its ok, not as easy to adjust.


Jim Becker
08-11-2005, 8:41 AM
I personally own two Wagner HVLP conversion guns, a 1qt gun (reviewed on my site) and I just picked up another with a 2qt external cup for better access in cabinetry, etc. The basic gun sells for $129 from the vendor mentioned in my review and is an excellent value. It's patterened after the high-end Sata gun and really feels good in my hand, too...well balanced.

Bill Neely
08-12-2005, 2:26 AM
Hi Roddy, I have the FL3 gun and I like it real well. It's easy to use and clean and it does a great job, however it does use a lot of air - it's rated at 13cfm @ 4psi.