View Full Version : Fabrication and Shop Techniques Heavy Duty Bracket for Power Feeder

Bill Adamsen
05-04-2015, 8:54 PM
Looking to build a bracket to allow moving my power feeder out of the way on my combination machine when not needed. Several folks on the forum helped with photos of a power feeder bracket that allows the power feeder (~225 pounds) to be swung out of the way of the machine, and then back to the machine with minimal effort.

My metal working abilities are adequate ... or maybe the problem is that I think they are. On steel I can cut, grind, TIG and MIG, drill, layout, etc. I don't have the ability to drill a 1" hole in 8" of depth with the accuracy required to build the bracket as shown in the photo on the attached plan. At least not very accurately. So I came up with an alternative approach that I think should work, and I'm just wondering if I have missed identifying some inevitable challenges. I think I've worked out how to weld the DOM onto the rectangular tubing so that the axis of the pins is square to the tubing and parallel in all planes to each other. One big question is the best approach to retain the pins. Any feedback will be welcome.

I made a wood protoype to verify the geometry, and it works, though likely not optimized. The image shows the elevation of the bracket (screenshot from plans), the pdf shows the full plans.