View Full Version : Bench for a benchtop bandsaw

steven c newman
05-04-2015, 11:46 AM
Bandsaw was refurbbed back to almost new. However, it WAS sitting on my workbench. Had a metal grid like panel, a couple 2x4s, and some thin plywood. Picked up some self driller screws, and a few bolts.

Ripped the 2x4s into a couple of 2x2 legs. used a #6 plane to remove saw marks.
The screw a few lengths of the plywood to the sides of the grid. I first had to rip the plywood into 4" wide strips. Visegrip finger clamps to keep things lined up.
Then two drywall screws to attach a leg. Square things up, and two more from the other side. Have four screws holding each leg. Found a 1/4" plywood panel about the right size. More self-drillers to attach it as a top.

Two of the legs wanted to toe in a bit. Added a stretcher to spread them back out. Next, lay the saw on the top, and mark for some mounting holes. Two are through the plywood, and two are through the metal grid. Just the way the holes lined up, is all. Bolts were a bit long. Added a couple nuts, and fed the bolt from underneath the plywood top. Fender washer, and another nut to secure.
The ones through the metal wer just dropped down through. Adding a washer under the bolt's head.
Installed a blade onto the saw, and gave it a test run. Seems to be steady enough, for this saw.
Now I can move this around in the shop as needed, or out of the way. At least the bandsaw is OFF my workbench.

steven c newman
05-08-2015, 6:03 PM
Dug around in the pile of jigs...supposed to be in here somewhere....ah, there it is! We now have a fence for the bandsaw!
Made this jig a few years ago, for a Dewalt jobsite 10" tablesaw. It has a cleat underneath, to align with a table's edge
Just a thin strip of Oak scrap. The tall part is along a "Factory edge" on the plywood base. Had to align all three pieces to a 90 degree corner. There is a Visegrip finger clamp holding the jig in place, about all it will need. Jig itself
I cut the plywood into a right triangle, with a factory edge corner. The upright part is just a 1x2 scrap. Aligned with the edge as it was screwed down. The cleat
is just aligned with the edge. Sized to fit along the fence rails of the Dewalt, it can be used elsewhere. Will give it a go later.