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Bob Kalb
04-07-2015, 2:21 PM
My shop shares a two bay garage with one car. One bay houses all the shop equipment, most on wheeled carts to allow easeof transition into various working configurations utilizing the second bay.
I finally upgraded from my 8" benchtop drill press to a 15" floor DP. I chose the PCB660DP from Lowes and proceeded to trick it out with an enhanced Woodpeckers DP table, a Steel Citymobile base, a four drawer under press cabinet with capture tray to house all my drill press accessories & a flexible dust extraction component.
The dust extraction hose is stored in the right rear compartment & extends to about 4 feet to connect to various extraction ports around my shop. The left rear storage compartment can house both table fences - the low profile Woodpeckers 36" fence & my custom high profile fence as well as other miscellaneous DP jigs yet to be fabricated.
If necessary, but unlikely for my needs,the four drawer cabinet can easily be removed from the mobile base & slid onto an accessory dolly if the need arises for greater drilling depth, simply by removing the 1-1/4 dowel at rear center of the base cabinet. (See photo #7 in my album)
I chose the Woodpeckers DP Table because it allowed me to easily increase the table depth by adding a 4-3/8" rear table extension. This gives me a fence to drill center of 5-13/16",reclaiming an additional 3-1/2" from the original Woodpeckers design. The custom high profile fence is equipped with two stops & a combo L/R Center rule in both metric & imperial. It easily attaches with two knobs after dropping onto slotted brackets riding in the Woodpeckers dual track. (see photo #16 inmy album)
All that is left to complete this Drilling Station is to compartmentalize the four drawers for maximum capacity & ease of accessibility. I expect that to take some time as I need to get going with some other projects.

See more detailed photos in my album - "Mobile Drilling Station"

Larry Frank
04-11-2015, 10:36 PM
Very nicely done. I need to make one for my drill press.

I would like to see some photos of the drawers.