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Dave Tinley
08-03-2005, 3:53 PM
I just came from the local blue borg, they have a set of Campbel Hausfeld gravity feed sprayers. One is a full size, the other is the touch up model, both have pressure regulators, and cleaning tools all together in a kit.
Reg $90, clearence for $48.
They may not be for a pro, but I bet they work fine for spraying poly, shellac etc.
Just passing this along.

Jim Becker
08-03-2005, 4:35 PM
I started out with them...and was not happy. I finally got good results with the $129 purchase of the Wagner HVLP conversion gun I have reviewed on my site.

nic obie
08-07-2005, 3:51 PM
I agree with Jim that the Wagner HVLP gun is a good one. I used one for quite a while until I got my Walcom GEO pressure fed gun. I use the Walcom for my clear coats and an Astro gravity fed (around $75) for stains and colors.

When I first tried the Astro I couldn't believe how good it worked. It's a knock off of a Sata. Kind of makes me wish I hadn't spent the big bucks for the Walcom set up.


Be sure to check the CFM of air required. Astro also makes one that only uses 7.8 cfm at 40 psi. However I've never tried that model.

Don Selke
08-10-2005, 4:14 PM
A few years back I had a CH spray gun that I bought at the borg. I used it one time and flung it into the garbage can. I have the Wagnor gun that Jim has along with the Wagnor turbin unit for field use. Both guns give excillent results but you have to use retarder with the turbin unit due to the heating of the air. I also have two Astro gravity spray guns which are excillent as stated. One gun is the large standard model and the second is a touch up gun which gets regular use on small projects. What ever gun you buy, make sure that you clean it thoroughly after use. Don't just flush it, clean it after you are done with your spraying for the day. When you decide to order your gun, make sure that the tip size is adiquate for the material that you are going to be spraying.
I agree with Nic, don't blow yourself up or burn down the house by spraying lacquor thinner next to the water heater.

Dennis Peacock
08-10-2005, 8:54 PM
I have two HVLP Conversion guns I got from Lowes under the name of Porter-Cable. Main gun and a touch up gun. Main gun was $99 and the touch-up gun was $39. I've used both of them for poly, lacquer, shellac, and varnish. I've gotten great results from both guns and I have 2 years of use on the main gun and only 1 year on the touch-up gun. All said and done? I'd do it again.!!! BTW, both are gravity feed guns.

Of course...if you want really good guns? They will start at about $299 and go up from there....but no matter what it cost...you still have to clean it up before you put it up. :D