View Full Version : Stains On Pool Liner

Jim McFall
06-01-2003, 7:15 PM
I have fianlly had the time and the weather to get the cover off the pool. I was dismayed to see several stains on the bottom. I think they came from worms and some leaves that got under the cover druing the winter. They are not responding to the scrub like brush on the end of the vaccuum. The water is crystal clear and tested right where it should have.

I hope someone had a tip or two to help me at least lessen these terrible brown spots. against a solid blue they look pretty bad.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Gerstenecker
06-01-2003, 9:24 PM
Jim, there is a product that all the Pool suppliers carry that will remove the stain on the bottom, and also the ring that sometimes accumulates at the water line. It is safe for Vinyl Liners, and it works good. I can't remember the name, as we have purchased it under several brand names, but it all seems to be the same formulation. It is a thick pink colored cleaner, the we just squirt it on an old terry cloth wash cloth, and scrub the stain. It works on most anything I have seen, even does a good job underwater. Check with you local supplier, I am sure they can help you out. I wish it would warm up here in the Midwest, we haven't taken the cover off our pool yet.........just too cold an night to bother. Good Luck!