View Full Version : Epilog Summit Laser- driver and software help needed...

Jeff Bromagem
03-16-2015, 2:07 PM
Hello Everyone,
I recently bought a used Epilog Summit Laser. It seems to be working well.
It came with a factory manual, but I had to download the driver from Epilog's website.
The 32 bit driver seems quite basic. Maybe I didn't install it correctly or something.
It does give you a selection for setting raster and vector speed and power. But not a nice menu with slider buttons, etc.
The manual refers to a "stamp" driver for creating rubber stamps, with special settings, but this is not on Epilogs website.
Does anyone out there have the more complete set of drivers/software for this Summit?
Also, on another note, when vector cutting circles in 1/8" wood, the edges are not smooth, but square cuts are. Anything to make the circles smoother?

Dan Mazurak
03-16-2015, 3:01 PM
The driver is basic.

I remember the stamp driver being in the zip file of the normal driver

AL Ursich
03-17-2015, 3:31 PM
Sent PM, I have some Adjustment and Repair PDF's.


Jeff Bromagem
03-17-2015, 6:25 PM
Hi Guys,
Thanks for the replies.
I did find the "stamp" menus in the driver I have. The old manual made it sound like a separate driver, so maybe they combined them into one since it originally came out.
When I cut a circle or curves into 1/8" wood, I'm getting a little sawtooth/fluted kind of edge, If the power is set to the lower end of getting through the wood, the bottom side looks like a dotted line! I've tried various speed and power settings and also changing the "rate" from auto to manual and set to 100, no improvement.
I'll keep experimenting with it.
I did find an unusual "vibration/chatter" from the servo motor drive at very slow speeds. I was experimenting with cutting small squares and circles, and when I get down around a speed of 5-9% or so, I noticed it groaning when the laser head was going to the left only. It's done this on some other slow vector cutting but I don't know if it does it only in one direction or not. It cut the acrylic just fine while it was "groaning", so I don't know weather this is just a certain "frequency" thing or what.
I think I will start a new topic with this question.
Thanks again,