View Full Version : DP column,vac holder

Brian W Smith
03-03-2015, 6:32 PM
See if these pics work,always have a little trouble.....

Got a few dz holes to drill in the morning,so took an hr today after work to fabricate this vac line holder(previously held with bailing wire,haha).It's a quick-lock cam arrangement off a bike's seat stem.We had this one,but you can buy them by the dz off fleabay.They work for DC setups as well.

But anyway,it works fast....flick the lever and the whole shebang swings or goes up/down.The muffler clamp is spot on as well.The one part(twds column)fits right in the shop vac hoses "ribs".So,you don't even have to tighten it really.......sort of just "clicks" in.

Doug Garson
03-06-2015, 5:09 PM
Good idea, I see how the cam lock allows you to quickly attach/detach the bracket to the column. I don't see a rack on the column for raising/lowering the table, I assume it is on the far side? Not clear to me how you quickly attach/detach the hose from the bracket or do you dedicate this hose to the drill press? I'm not in to much metal working/welding, do you think it could be fabricated from plywood?

David Linnabary
03-06-2015, 8:05 PM
Nicely done!