View Full Version : Jointer Push Block Suggestions for Handling Edge Grain

Larry Dunn
03-02-2015, 5:36 PM

I acquired a new jointer about 18 months ago and have not starting using it until just recently. I have no previous experience with one of these machines so watched or read everything I could find on its use, safety and the accessories that are commercial available for use specifically for the jointer. I also looked for a shop made push system that would allow me to expert pressure on top of the material and the side of the board at the same time. In much the way you would use a hand technique but with a barrier between my fingers and those blades.

After a few tries I can up the push block you see in the attached photo. The handle angle is just about right and I think I am on the right track with the adjustable fence on top of the material and the kind of adjustable fence on the lateral pressure point. It is very comfortable feeling and I have plane the edge of a 1/8” wide board without going into a sweat.

As you can see you need a jar of bolts and bunch of parts to make it work. My hopes are that someone out there has this down, and others may have ideas for improvements. I used a material called ‘Truck Tarp’’ for the grippers and have not had a slip yet. Dirty and or otherwise.


Frederick Skelly
03-02-2015, 9:20 PM
Hi Larry. Can you post a few more pics - maybe different angles, etc. Might be just me, but I cant quite visualize how this tool works - and Id sure like to.

One idea though FWIW, when I have to use nuts and bolts on push stick devices, I try to use plastic ones. Im always a little leary of metal parts near a saw or jointer.

Look forward to seeing more of your idea.

Larry Dunn
03-03-2015, 8:51 AM

Hi Paul. Hope this photo helps. Basically what's happening is the upper fence creates a ledge to push down on the material and the lower fence pushes against the board holding it against the jointer fence. The upper fence is adjusted to the material thickness that rides against the jointer fence to keep the whole thing stable. And it does. The additional blocks with the Truck Tarp on them allow me to go down to a board 5/8" in height. As an example I use the 5/8" extension for an 1 1/2" wide board. I also set the bolts that hold the extension in place way low just in case I goof and get to low.

Frederick Skelly
03-03-2015, 11:34 PM
I see now. Thanks Larry!