View Full Version : Issues using nose cone on egx 300

Malcolm Tait
02-20-2015, 5:07 PM
Hi All, new to this board and thanks for the adding.

We have a EGX 300 that we use for engraving zinc alloy tags. Started using nose cone but are getting a ghosting of the engraved letters/numbers as it looks like the outer edge of the nose cone is picking up something and dragging it. Does anyone know if there is a plastic version of the nose cone (Thinking it may not be as harsh as the metal version) or any other thoughts on how we could best engrave metal tags with a nose cone. Main reason is just to ensure a consistent engraving depth to avoid having to do more passes to get the same results.

I've sanded the nose cone in case there was anything embedded in it, replaced it, created a new jig to hold the tags incase it was uneven. None of these helped. I did put some tape on the base of the nose cone and this did 2 passes ok before the shavings stuck to it and started dragging again.

Just wondering if anyone else has come up with a better solution/ideas to help minimise time in engraving.

Thanks for any advice